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bigdaddychieffan 04-29-2001 06:54 PM

I think that the article did bring about several good points. Trent Green may not have been a first round pick. Therefore he didn't have all of the athletic attributes that many people look for in selecting a QB. The thing that I am impressed with is the amount of heart and carisma that he seems to have. I think he is going to be a great addition to the chiefs as long as he can stay healthy.

AJKCFAN 05-02-2001 07:44 PM

Green has value, but only for the Chiefs
By Dan Pompei - The Sporting News

Is Trent Green the dog-pound mongrel who, with an 8-11 record as an NFL starting quarterback, wisely was snubbed by every team but one this offseason? Or is Green the ribbon-winning bichon frise who, with the highest passer rating in the NFC last season, was worth the 12th pick in the draft?

The answer is both.

Green is like an old family photo album: He has tangible value to one party but isn't worth much to anyone else. No other team in the league would -- or should -- have paid a first-round pick for Green other than the team that did, the Chiefs.

Before free agency began, Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt was quoted as saying he isn't sure if Green is any better than his quarterback, Jay Fiedler. A general manager who went quarterback shopping this offseason came to the conclusion that Green is "the all-time mirage."

But it's difficult to find fault with the Chiefs for trading for Green because he is uniquely qualified to be their quarterback as a result of his previous association with coach Dick Vermeil and offensive coordinator Al Saunders in St. Louis. Because he won't have to learn a new playbook, Green will be able to win games quickly. He also should teach teammates and raise the level of their play.

Physically, Green is well-suited to run the Chiefs' offense, which calls for a lot of quick, short throws. With the Rams last year, 83 percent of Green's attempts were no longer than 20 yards, an area where he is very accurate.

Vermeil knows what Green's strengths are, and he won't have to worry about being surprised by physical or intangible inadequacies. "If you know the guy, you can't put a price on that," Houston general manager Charley Casserly says. "You're eliminating the unknown."

Assuming Green's knee will not inhibit him too much this season, he probably will be a better fit for the Chiefs than any other quarterback they could have had, either through free agency or the draft. However, they might have been a better team if they had signed a free agent such as Brad Johnson and then used the 12th draft pick to address another need by selecting someone such as Miami defensive tackle Damione Lewis or Miami receiver Santana Moss.

But with Vermeil in control, the Chiefs are interested in winning as many games as they can now. That's an important concept in the Green scenario.

Scouts found much to criticize about Drew Brees' game in the weeks leading up to the draft, but the physical abilities of the Chargers' newest quarterback are superior to Green's. So are the abilities of most quarterbacks drafted in the early rounds. Green, remember, was an eighth-round pick (by the Chargers) in 1993. None of his skills are unacceptable. But none of his skills are special, either.

Green plays a little ugly, like Bruce Springsteen sings. But it works. He isn't a real fluid thrower. His delivery is quick, but quirky. His arm strength is marginal. Green had some mobility before his latest knee problem, but he never was very elusive.

"He's not special in any area," says Ravens coach Brian Billick, who went quarterback shopping this offseason. "But you could say the same thing about a lot of guys. He clearly can start. He's proven."

Green has had only a little more than one full season of playing time, most of it coming in 1998 with the Redskins. So there is a chance we already have seen the best he can be, and that he is another one-year wonder like former Bengals running back Ickey Woods.

But Green, who will turn 31 in July, is not too old to improve. By all accounts, he has the commitment and character to do so. Casserly, who brought Green to the Redskins as a free agent in 1995, believes Green's intelligence, instinct and leadership make him a better package than the sum of his skills. "He's a gamer," Casserly says. "He's better in games than he is in seven-on-seven (drills). And his arm plays better than you perceive it to be."

Solid decision making minimizes Green's deficiencies.

Saunders believes Green shares two qualities with Joe Montana, Dan Fouts and Kurt Warner, the best quarterbacks he has been around. "He's tremendously accurate, and he has great courage under pressure," Saunders says. "He can stand in the face of a rush, know he's going to get hit and throw accurately."

Fearlessness in the pocket is a strength of Green's. But at times, he can be too fearless, like the squirrel that keeps crossing a highway in rush hour. Some think Green holds the ball too long. He was sacked 24 times in 240 pass attempts last year. His sack rate was eighth worst in the NFL.

But it's not as if he threw a lot of interceptions or fumbled because he didn't get rid of the ball. In starts against the Giants and Redskins, for instance, he was hit as he threw or just after he threw 18 times. He was intercepted once, and he completed eight of those pass attempts.

Green wasn't as effective a quarterback as his 2000 passer rating of 101.8 says he was. He was 2-3 as a starter for a playoff team, and he also failed to rally the Rams to a victory against the Chiefs after coming off the bench. His passing numbers were enhanced by the offense and his receivers.

The Chiefs know they aren't getting a player who solves all of their problems. But they are getting a player who should solve one of them.

WisChief 05-02-2001 08:06 PM

This article simply adds more questions about Green. Man-oh-man, Vermiel and Saunders sure must know something everyone else doesn't (less Packfan, of course).

NaptownChief 05-02-2001 08:07 PM

Physically Montana was barely rated above garbage yet he was arguably the best ever...Green is no Montana but he is a good QB in all the same ways...

Green will allow us to be winners this season and he will most likely be playing in Hawaii at the end of the year...That is not all bad even if it did cost us #12...

AJKCFAN 05-02-2001 08:09 PM

Wade, you're one of those I've tried to contact about the 37 Forever Foundation.

If interested, let me know or better yet find my e-mail on the members list and get in contact with me.

This will be worth your while... that I can assure you

WisChief 05-02-2001 08:14 PM

Aj - I just emailed you. Thanks!!! :D

AJKCFAN 05-02-2001 08:18 PM

Just received it... thanks, man!

I'm off to watch the Kings game but I'll definitely be in touch with you tomorrow.

Until then, take care...

Packfan 05-03-2001 06:34 PM

This is a good article. Like I have said, nobody else was interested in Green except the Chiefs. Guys like Green are available EVERY off season for free. The Chiefs traded for him out of desperation. To some degree, the entire QB situation reminds me when Dale Carter suddenly bolted for the Broncos. Carl wasnt ready for that, suddenly had a huge hole at cornerback, and immediately went out and signed Carlton Gray to a rediculous contract. Carl ignored the fact that Gray was cut twice that year and no other team was showing any interest. We all know how that turned out. Gray has more inactives than he does tackles.

I dont care who the QB is. If you can get him or someone similar for free, you wait and get him free. Instead, the Chiefs traded one of their highest picks in years for this guy. I am tired of seeing Carl panic and play for one year at a time.

When are the Chiefs going to go shopping for a new GM?

California Injun 05-03-2001 06:38 PM

When are the Packers going to shop for a new GM?

Oh, they already did?

What's his name again?

And what happened to Wolfie?

And finally.....

"How's Mike Sherman doing these days"?

kcfanintitanhell 05-03-2001 08:44 PM

Guys like that (101 QB rating) are available for free every year? Could you possibly give some names?

milkman 05-03-2001 08:51 PM

One observation, off topic. If the Lakers meet the 76ers in the finals, the series won't last more than 5 games. Lakers are playing better ball now than they did last year at this time, and seemed to have learned how to finish, which they had difficulty with last year.
Personally I'd be surprised if the 6ers make it out of the East. Their team chemistry isn't what it was before the Motumbo trade.

California Injun 05-03-2001 10:27 PM


The only other team in the East that could beat the Sixers are the Bucks but who will match up with Motumbo?

Did you watch the demise of the Jazz tonight? How appropriate that Malone missed the gamewinner. Karl will probably play the mop-up role for the next 1-2 years to break Kareem's record before retiring.

Iverson alone is worth 2 games for the Sixers against the Lakers.

Back-To-Back for the SoCal team...

milkman 05-04-2001 07:51 PM

Motumbo's offensive game is very limited. Many of his points are off the offensive boards and putbacks.
Keep Iverson out side, force to take jumpers, and I think both Milwaukee and Charlotte can take them.
Iverson isn't a very good shooter.

I can't stand Malone, or Stockton, or the Jazz. Hope they continue to spiral downward. Wouldn't hurt my feelings any if they don't make it to the playoffs for the rest of my lifetime.

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