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AustinChief 08-23-2000 10:38 AM

Who is everybody's favorite Chief?

I have a problem year in and year out, that I am a big RB guy. I dig running backs, I like the running game. I've never had a guy to root for.

Since Okoye (I had him plastered all over my wall at college!), they've had somebody new every year to root for, but they always ended up part of a commitee! I can't root for a commitee, I want one guy to cheer for.

I'm seriously rooting for Mike Cloud. I hope he is it, because I'd like to have a real starter on Madden for a change.


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Milissa 08-23-2000 10:41 AM

Call me crazy, but I like Dante Hall. I live in the Houston area, which he also lives, and I've been following this kid since high school. Granted, he's got some things to work on, and a long way to go, but I'd like to see what he's capable of with this team

Bwana 08-23-2000 10:47 AM

I hate to even say my favorite player because he's become so popular, but I love Tony G. I always root for the underdog and I've loved him since he came here in 97 (even when he was dropping passes left and right!). Of course, now everyone and their mother loves Tony G. Oh well I guess.

While TG remains my fave player, the underdog I'm rooting for now is Kirby Dar Dar. Ya gotta love his name and each year he's out there trying to make the team. I really hope he makes it this time!

AustinChief 08-23-2000 10:50 AM

Yeah, we need more guys with names like DarDar.

I really like TRich, but I don't see him being the kind of feature, prototype back I'd like to see the Chiefs have.

Don't get me wrong, TRich is an awesome runner, but he won't make the Pro-Bowl that way. He's one of the best blockers in the league and if we'd just put Cloud behind him, they might both go to the bowl.

alanm 08-23-2000 10:53 AM

The player I like the most has to be Maslowski.

Is there anyone on the planet who has more of the crazed Linebacker ‘tude?

A very close second is Patton. Less outward ‘tude, more talent.

loves his Defensive animals.<BR>

Bwana 08-23-2000 10:54 AM

I agree with you on TRich - he's an awesome fullback and I think he's most suited to that position. Taking him away from that would hurt us more than it would gain. I think his blocking skills are more important for us than his running skills.

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Tom_Barndts_Twin 08-23-2000 10:56 AM

offense: tony g
defense: still open since the loss of dt


htismaqe 08-23-2000 10:57 AM

Bob Dole has become partial to Donnie Edwards. Great skills and attitude.

AZChief 08-23-2000 11:04 AM

Mine has to be Tony. The Chiefs has had strong D since Marty got here. I'm looking for an offensive playmaker like Joe Montana, Marcus Allen....etc.

Yosef_Malkovitch 08-23-2000 11:09 AM

I like Ron George. Great ST & reserve LB. I LOVE his vocal and obnoxious qualities....

JOhn 08-23-2000 11:14 AM

Offense:Tony G
Defense: Donnie edwards and Marvcus Patton. Those guys are Animals!

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htismaqe 08-23-2000 11:14 AM

What a shocker--Phil likes someone vocally obnoxious.

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Yosef_Malkovitch 08-23-2000 11:22 AM

I'd appreciate it if you would stop posting pictures of Al Davis, Bob....

htismaqe 08-23-2000 11:23 AM

Bob Dole apologizes...

(Bob Dole is still trying to become accustomed to seeing "KPhobia" and any form of "moderate" in the same context.)

Yosef_Malkovitch 08-23-2000 11:28 AM

You had a chance to voice your objection, Dole! Now you will live to regret it!!! If you keep running that hole in your face, I'll boot you right now! I bet you are some 120 lb, 14 YO, crater face kid hiding behind your keyboard!

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