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htismaqe 10-06-2000 03:00 PM

No Chief game to watch this weekend, so I am inviting all of you to check out the Broncos vs Chargers game on Sunday.

Yes, I really believe that Denver is twice the team that the Chiefs are, and I would like you all to see why. My guess is that most of you have not really watched Bronco football this year (I don't consider the KC game "Bronco Football"), and this is your chance.

Try and give me an objective report, we will see if I am really that far off.

Mile High, try watching the game without your Chief T-Shirt<BR>

DoubleWannaB 10-06-2000 03:02 PM

Sorry Bronco fan, the local CBS station in KC...was given the choice between the Raiders/9ers or Broncs/bolts....they choose the Raiders....I guess they didn't think the Broncs were worthy...

obviously for us the Raiders games means more anyway.


"The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."
-Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback and sports analyst

Dog Day 10-06-2000 03:05 PM

They're already getting arrogant, BroncoFan. Sort of like '97.

We shall have the last laugh. Mark my words.

Gaz 10-06-2000 03:05 PM

If this is the case, then the Bronco's will have to make at least 2-3 more touchdowns, or shut out the Chargers completely, is that a fair comparison??? Remeber our final score was 42-10.

Chieffan 10-06-2000 03:11 PM

Remember that the Charges O only scored 3 Denver will have to shut them out to prove superiority..and score 43 point...neither will happen..

I predict Denver will get rolled....and so will the Faidas.....

Hey, I really DO have something to cheer for...

Gaz 10-06-2000 03:16 PM

I can't belive this. I will actually be rooting for 2 other teams, one in my own division.

For once GO CHARGERS and NINERS!!!

Lurker Brett 10-06-2000 03:22 PM

So Bronco Fan,

What do you expect the Broncos to do this Sunday that will convince us that they are twice the team KC is (wasn't that with Jarious Jackson

I promise you this...........if the Broncos
<LI> get 50+ first downs
<LI> gain 698+ yards in total offense
<LI> score 84+ points
<LI> allow 5 or fewer first downs
<LI> allow 94 or fewer total yards
<LI> allow 5 or fewer points
then I will agree with you that the Broncos are "twice the team the Chiefs are". Oh yeah, I won't even argue about which QB you had to use to do it!<BR>

htismaqe 10-06-2000 03:45 PM

Comparing points and statistics from between 2 specific games is pretty much meaningless, and you all know this.

Rather I suggest you watch the way the Broncos play. Offense, Defense, Special Teams, O line, D line, recievers, rbs, dbs etc...

If statistics and points are what you are all intersted in :

Broncos have more Offensive Yards, More Passing Yards, More rushing yards, More Points scored, half the number of punts, twice the number of punts returned, a better turn-over ratio, AND an overall Defense that is ranked 1 spot below the chiefs.

If you want to do it that way, YES Broncos are probably very close to twice the team the Chiefs are.

OOhh - Chiefs have 2 more sacks than the Broncos do.

Titus - get this copied lazy dog.

AustinChief 10-06-2000 03:55 PM

without bothering to look up the stats, I'll conceed them to BF.

And I'll even conceed one more stat at this point.

Chiefs have fewer losses than the Broncos have also.

Have a nice weekend.

Misplaced Chiefs Fan
Red and Gold on the Warpath
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shakesthecat 10-06-2000 03:58 PM

Not to nit-pick or anything, BF, but you neglected to mention fewer points allowed..Oh my bad!! Kc has 43 fewer points allowed!!


htismaqe 10-06-2000 03:59 PM

Chiefs will get their game with the Rams also. Points allowed will probably even up after that one.

Gaz 10-06-2000 04:09 PM

Am I not correct in assuming the stats should be accurate when you play the same team, not when the Broncos play unproven teams and the Chiefs play real contenders? I think THAT is what makes the stats off balance. Right? I though I had been saying that all along, but NOBODY listens to Dave. Actually, I was just wondering what the score would have to be before I said the Chiefs were twice the team the Bronco's are, which is pretty apparent at this point anyway...

[This message has been edited by bishop_74 (edited 10-06-2000).]

[This message has been edited by bishop_74 (edited 10-06-2000).]

Gaz 10-06-2000 04:11 PM

I just don't think the Bronco's hold a candle to the Chiefs... that is unless Rominowski's drug induced flatulation accidently ignites a spsrk, then... only then might the flame be brighter.

gh4chiefs 10-06-2000 04:43 PM

After they get stomped by the Chargers, the Broncos will have twice the losses the Chiefs have.

BroncoFan needs to lay off the crack.


Have I ever mentioned that I hate Denver?

Snapper 10-06-2000 05:08 PM

Uh Oh .....Donkey Drew needs to realize that Elway is gone before he brings up '97. He and Bronco Fan needs to realize that this years Donx are NOWHERE NEAR the team that the '97 Donx were. Drew needs to also realize that IF he had a reason to be arrogant - he would! He Can't so he's NOT!

GO CHARGERS!!!!! Boy if the Chargers win, you two will need help. BTW, didn't the Bolts beat you guys in San Diego 12-6 last year???? Uh oh........................

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