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AZChief 10-02-2000 11:08 PM

Man, that guy has really been a class act for this team on and off the field. I was really glad that he played well tonight. I'm a huge Gunther fan, even after weeks one and two, but his reported treatment of Anders in the paper this week really bummed me out. It was great to see ol' number 38 out there running hard and hittin' LBs!!


Remember Kansas City's hero, Joe Delaney #37.

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CASHMAN 10-02-2000 11:09 PM

KIMBLE IS THE MANNNNN!!!!! he is my favorite player have talked to him many times along with an X-chief danan hughes and they are both CLASS ACTS!!!!!!!!!!

CASHMAN 10-02-2000 11:10 PM

oh yeah sorry but did anyone see the attendance tonight??????? did we do it?

CASHMAN 10-02-2000 11:25 PM

any answers to the attendance record??????

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 3-2!!!! going into a BYE.

BigOlChiefsfan 10-02-2000 11:25 PM

No record on attendance, probably 9k short. But I'd rather have tonite's W than an asterisk in a Guiness record book any day.

One Arrowhead Dave 10-02-2000 11:37 PM

-Kimble stepped up tonight. He made a statement about truly coming back and producing. Anders & TRICH ran hard tonight.
-Cloud's TD was a good play and showed good speed getting outside.
-The O line played a good game and played tough
-Seattle- Alexander/Watters had good games
-Heads up to Gun for the replay call/no catch


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