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Bob Dole 10-06-2000 05:48 PM

He's nothing like the old one.
Rookie Dante Hall, who darts here and dashes there, is the classic jitterbug. That's in contrast to Tamarick Vanover, who could hit a hole with a burst of speed but otherwise wasn't hard to grab hold of.
"He's more consistent than Vanover was," coach Gunther Cunningham said.
Hall did well contending with the towering punts of Seattle's Jeff Feagles last week, returning one for 22 yards that set up the game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter. He is 10th in the AFC with a kickoff-return average of 23.6 yards.

"He's going to do great," said Ron George, who is on the kickoff- and punt-return units. "He's got great agility to make guys miss. He knows how to hit the hole. That's what that job is all about, making guys miss and heading upfield. He showed he does that well on Monday night.
Hall was their solution.

"I felt like he could do it," Cunningham said. "He's got ice water running through his veins. He made a couple of decisions during this last game that veterans might not make. He had a body lying across his path to go to the ball. He was able to judge (the ball). He came off the field and said, `Coach, this is the reason I did that.' I was impressed with all of those things. He's really a confident guy."
time goes on," Cunningham said, "I'm sure we'll get him involved in the offense."
If not, Hall has another steady job to concentrate on.
I'm a return guy, period. I have a job. That's the first thing. The second thing is that it's a way to help the team until I can work my way into a role with the offense. So I can't complain. Right now, I'm happy with this."

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SamuraiMike 10-06-2000 08:55 PM

Future 3rd down back also.

SamuraiMike 10-06-2000 08:56 PM

Future 3rd down back also.

Quarterback 10-07-2000 11:03 AM

I'd love to see them use this guy on occasional sweeps and swing passes/screens. With a few well placed blocks he could be deadly.

CHIEF1 10-07-2000 06:31 PM

I was very happy when the Chiefs got him. The guy has mucho jets. He seems to have a better idea of where to run also. A very pleasant contrast to T.V. I can't wait to see him break one for a score. I think it will happen soon.


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