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Buck 01-13-2013 07:26 PM

Which Super Bowl do you want to see?
Poll forthcoming.

ChiTown 01-13-2013 07:26 PM

Cool Story, Brah.

EagleRob 01-13-2013 07:27 PM

This season: NE vs ATL
2015: KC vs PHI

GoChargers 01-13-2013 07:27 PM

Ravens vs. Falcons. No media-slurped frontrunner teams, and my favorite non-Chargers player, Ray Lewis, gets the chance to retire on top with one more championship.

Marcellus 01-13-2013 07:27 PM

NE and SF.

No poll needed.

The Pest 01-13-2013 07:28 PM

Anyone that doesnt include the Pats.

AussieChiefsFan 01-13-2013 07:28 PM

Patriots vs 49ers would be the best to watch IMO. Ravens vs 49ers would also be good.

jd1020 01-13-2013 07:29 PM

Patriots vs 49ers.

Easy 6 01-13-2013 07:29 PM

Falcons - Patriots

Let the reigning hotshots eat dirt, every team deserves some limelight, and so do the Falcons.

But yowza, they're going to need EVERY bounce to go their way against that nearly impermeable B and B combo.

KC Tattoo 01-13-2013 07:31 PM

I want to see Tony Gonzalez dick smack Ray Lewis in the endzone for a TD and go on to win the damn thing.

sd4chiefs 01-13-2013 07:31 PM

I am sick of the Patroits and I want to see Gonza G get a ring.

Chiefnj2 01-13-2013 07:33 PM

I can't believe any Chiefs fan would want the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

KCChiefsFan88 01-13-2013 07:35 PM

No Harbaugh Bowl, please.

The two weeks of talking about this would be grating as hell.

Hammock Parties 01-13-2013 07:35 PM

Tony G vs Ray Lewis.

DaWolf 01-13-2013 07:37 PM

Harbaugh vs Harbaugh. I'm tired of the Patriots, but if they win so be it. The Falcons just don't interest me at all. If Gonzo wins a ring, good for him, but if a guy isn't winning a ring with us then I couldn't care less...

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