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j molina 08-22-2000 08:21 AM

Where have all the Rison's gone? Long time passing(should have been gone in '98). Where have all the Rison's gone? Not so long time ago. Where have all the
Andre's gone? Gone to a stadium with half the fans of Arrowhead. Gone to a stadium where fans have to wear hard hats to exist. Gone to a city that will never see Andre on TV because they never sell out. Gone to the owner who IS the '70's. When will they ever learn? Guess you can't ask Gannon.

DIEHARDCHIEF 08-22-2000 08:25 AM

i think rison would have had a great year here. but this is just my opinion. not trying to start an argument here.

~Thats why they call me slim shady~

j molina 08-22-2000 08:40 AM

Slim- You're right. He will probably get a 1000 yards this year. Let's hope very few against Chiefs. We still have quality depth in WR. Best in the last 20 years I would say.

DIEHARDCHIEF 08-22-2000 08:45 AM

i was really disappointed in the amount of playing time morris got in the last game. i really wanted to see what he could do. but i do think we have one of the best group of recievers we've had for a while.

~Thats why they call me slim shady~

j molina 08-22-2000 08:58 AM

This would be cool- if Chiefs had better receiving yardage than Raiders team and individuals.

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