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Mi_chief_fan 12-18-2000 05:03 PM

Packfool named me to his "All Idiot Team", along with KC Wolfman, Titus, JOhn and Luzap. I should feel bad, but I actually feel honored that Packfool thinks i'm not "in his class" of

Anyone else care to join?

Bwana 12-18-2000 05:05 PM

He also put Dartgod on the list after he requested it, but would not add me! I must work on my skills so I may have the honor of joining the club........any ideas?

Mi_chief_fan 12-18-2000 05:06 PM

Not to worry, my good man.
Congratulations! You made the team!

Bwana 12-18-2000 05:09 PM

Mi: Thanks, but it's not the same as hearing it from my hero Packer. :( *GRIN*

Tribal Warfare 12-18-2000 05:11 PM

Sign me up!

JOhn 12-18-2000 05:12 PM

I'm so overwelmed by this :)

Well at least I know I'm not in Packmans class

Mi_chief_fan 12-18-2000 05:14 PM

That's the beauty of it.

HC_Chief 12-18-2000 05:15 PM

I want to be a starter on that squad!

KCWolfman 12-18-2000 05:15 PM

Joe - Packfan still posts???? I just pass over. Reading his tripe is like reading 'Dick and Jane', I finished those books in the early 70's and have no desire to lower myself to reading them again.

Mile High Mania 12-18-2000 05:18 PM


I can't make the roster???? Not even second team or even special teams?

[This message has been edited by Mile High Mania (edited 12-18-2000).]

KCWolfman 12-18-2000 05:19 PM

Brad - It is an exclusive club of the Chiefs.... But seeing what a good guy you are , we will gladly make you an honorary member. Just dont spread the word or we will have to let everyone in.....

Mile High Mania 12-18-2000 05:21 PM

Dammit! I just assumed he placed people on the team who had views that are contrary to his. I'll be the emergency backup then.

WisChief 12-18-2000 05:21 PM

Damn, MI, since you and I are the two resident blue collars, I really want to join! :D Please???

KCWolfman 12-18-2000 05:22 PM

Nah , Brad you are definitely first string material.

WisChief - Just sign on the dotted line.

morphius 12-18-2000 05:23 PM

WOuld someone explain to me why we have Ugly Duck and MHM on this BB showing class and civility to the fans of their rival team. The packfan, who is fan of a team we play once ever 3 years, is on here and is more idiotic then the fans of our rivals?

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