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falstaff 08-01-2001 04:06 PM

Chiefs are racist
How can you guys be fans of a clearly racist team? Teams like the 'Redskins' and the 'Chiefs' are clearly depicting American Indians in an inappropriate manner. As if the white man has not done enough damage to the Indian culture and heritage, football teams like the Chiefs must portray Indians and their mascot and portray American Indians in a demoralizing manner.

The US would never stand for team names like the 'Honkies', 'Spooks', 'RagHeads', 'WOPs', or 'Slants'. Why then should we be subjected to the desecration of the American Indian?

By simply supporting this, what I consider to be a criminal organization, you are backing the negative portrayal of the American Indian. Therefore, I consider you not Chiefs fans, but racists. The path to Arrowhead Stadium is truly a Trail of Tears.

HC_Chief 08-01-2001 04:11 PM

Who cares?

The team was named after John Bartel. His nickname 'Chief'

Go cry somewhere else.

ExtremeChief 08-01-2001 04:17 PM

What would you suggest??? By the way, are you Native American yourself, or are you someone who knows what everyone else is offended by. Did you ever consider that Native Americans might be proud to have a professional team use Chiefs as their name??? Lets get rid of all of the names that are considered by some offensive and just call them "The Kansas City Football Team"

why aren't tall people complaining about the Giants???

Do you think African Americans are offended by the Browns???

Should PETA have a problem with the Dolphins, Bears, Lions, etc...

Are thieves pissed cause there is a team named The Steelers (sorry) ;)

FWIW, If you would take the time to look it up, you would know that the Chiefs were named because of a business man that helped bring football to KC, not Native Americans

continuing to be politically incorrect...

BIG_DADDY 08-01-2001 04:18 PM

I'll bet your not even an Indian.

TexN 08-01-2001 04:22 PM

The CP community is also prejudiced against whiners!

"Chiefs" is a title of stature and is in no way derogatory. Are we no longer allowed to use words that were created by minorities or oppressed people. You are clearly the racist, falstaff!

BTW, I kind of like the sound of the Kansas City Honkies. Maybe we could start a petition.

Go MT!

Multi1 08-01-2001 04:23 PM

If you want to be offended, you can be. There are too many people in the world just looking for something to cause them an offense. You can put yourself in that category if you want to, I choose not.

If you want a good cause to get involved with, look at the crap that is being taught to our kids in schools. History is being rewritten to be politically correct. (i.e. The attack on Pearl Harbor is now called a surprise attack instead of a sneak attack as it was. Surprise is more PC than sneak.)

Look at the freedoms that have been taken away from us because someone thinks they are more important than the rest of us. I don't have to point out any specific items, there are so many that each person that can think knows several of them.

BTW I am a Chief, I am not offended by the Kansas City team calling themselves Chiefs. I am of indian blood, however, I am an American more than an indian. I am of the human race, therefore I fit into every category, you see there is only one race on this planet.

Time to get your head out and find someting good to do for mankind.

KS Smitty 08-01-2001 04:23 PM

I believe that Chief is an English word for leaders of Native Americans. I don't think they called themselves Chief whatever. It is also used in the Armed Forces ie Chief Petty Officer. Not to mention that is the nickname of one of the men responsible for bringing pro football to KC. How is that racist?

falstaff 08-01-2001 04:25 PM

If the Chiefs are named after a business man, then where did they get Arrowhead stadium? I suppose maybe he called his car Arrowhead?? Additionally, the Chiefs merchandise clearly displays American Indian artifacts. The name 'Chiefs' is CLEARLY and UNDENIABLY assoicated with American Indians.

Additionally, other names in the NFL do not offend entire cultures by sterotyping them. The Browns are named after DOGS - not African Americans - yet this is another clear example of the racist attitude of a typical Chiefs fan.

My post is not intended to stir up trouble or slander the your team in anyway. I only hope to get the fans to realize that the team they support is racist. In order to live in a more accepting society, I would hope that the members of this board petition to bring their team into the new millenium by changing the name to a more pollitically acceptable mascot. Good luck to you all.

BroncoFan 08-01-2001 04:27 PM

Broncos... now there is a name!!

falstaff, you can't possibly be a heterosexual, football appreciating male to post this type of crap. Which would make you an indian woman. May I suggest you change your username to squaw and save your namesake (a truly wonderful beer) some embarrassment.

And clean up your tepee!!

KS Smitty 08-01-2001 04:28 PM

I don't think that native americans were the only people that used stone arrows.

keg in kc 08-01-2001 04:29 PM

Like HC stated, the name "Chief" is taken from John Bartel, it's not a reference to American Indian chiefs. While the early logo of the franchise did depict an American Indian, all references have long since been removed from both the team and Arrowhead stadium, with the exception of the actual arrowhead itself, and I think it's a stretch at best to call the symbol of an arrowhead detrimental in any way, shape or form toward the heritage of the American Indian. There's no so-called "war chants" in Arrowhead stadium, like you'd hear in Atlanta or Tallahassee. There's no American Indian mascot - the mascot is a wolf, of all things, not the idiotic (and IMO insulting) grinning Cleveland Indian logo, nor the logo on the helmet of the Redskins. Problems with those I might better understand, but complaining about the Kansas City Chiefs is completely pointless unless you really just like the sound of your own voice.

BroncoFan 08-01-2001 04:29 PM


your not helping

TexN 08-01-2001 04:30 PM

I think we should call them the "Injuns".

ExtremeChief 08-01-2001 04:31 PM


Originally posted by falstaff

The Browns are named after DOGS - not African Americans
uhhhh....wrong they are not named after DOGS, and I know there not named after African Americans, its called a joke


My post is not intended to stir up trouble or slander the your team in anyway.
The hell your not, and I'll ask again...are you Native American, or just trying to speak for someone else????

KS Smitty 08-01-2001 04:31 PM

Thank you BroncoFan!

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