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Phobia 10-16-2001 04:49 AM

Tickets for sale by ChiefsPlanet members:
Post your ticket needs in this thread that stays on the top until the tix are sold:

dtebbes tix are sold.

Anyone interested e-mail me!

2 tickets. They are Sec 317, Row 40, but there isn't a bad seat at Arrowhead, right?

Face value plus postage and handling only; not looking to make money...

WackyRuss 10-16-2001 06:44 AM

$51 for a chiefs ticket? how about $10? do u think ppl will pay $51 for a college division ii football team? i don't think so

dtebbe 10-16-2001 09:17 AM

My tickets from above are on ebay and currently below face value:
Check them out!


Yosef_Malkovitch 10-16-2001 09:44 AM

I agree with Russ, although my reply is minus the venom. I think you guys are going to have a hard time moving those things. People are just not too happy with the Chiefs right now. I don't think I'd go to the game even if someone gave me tix for free, because I wouldn't want to drive 4 hours one way just to watch my fellas lose. Of course if I actually lived in KC it'd be a different story.

Packfan 10-16-2001 04:01 PM

Amazing what a 1-4 start will do to the "nfl's greatest fans"

I suspect if the Chiefs were 4-1, there wouldnt be any tickets for sale on this board.

Lets face it, there will be people giving away tickets for the rest of the season. Just like it was back in the 80s.

Phobia 10-16-2001 04:03 PM

Thanks for your opinion, Ken. These tix are for sale because the game was moved to a thursday night and the ticket holders are from out of town. Interesting that I could deduce that fact, yet you failed to.

Packfan 10-16-2001 04:10 PM


Look at other posts, look on EBAY. Your tickets arent the only ones for sale. Like I said, if the Chiefs were 4-1 instead of 1-4, you wouldnt be selling your tickets on this board or asking for face value for them.

Interesting I could deduce that fact and you couldnt.

KC Chief fans" "The NFL's Greatest Fans!"

Phobia 10-16-2001 04:17 PM

I don't have any tickets for sale. I merely consolidated 4 sale thread to clean up the board.

93 matches

63 matches 32 of them are for the rescheduled Colts game.

Thanks for recommending the ebay site. Looks like Packers fans are more eager to sell their tickets than Chiefs fans.

Interesting I could deduce that fact and you couldnt.

Yosef_Malkovitch 10-16-2001 04:27 PM

Ken I think any team that is 1-4 will have a harder time moving its tickets. It's not just a Chiefs thing. I'm pretty sure if you look at Dallas tickets you'll see the same thing.

What exactly did CP do to you anyway?

Mi_chief_fan 10-16-2001 07:35 PM

Classic Packfool dribble. Good to see you backing yourself up with facts again, lil' kenny.

Nice job, KPhobia.

Phobia 10-16-2001 09:41 PM

Yeah, he got punked again. :D I'm sure he'll be back for more.

In fact, I have his next line already in my mind. I don't think he'll let me down....

King_Chief_Fan 10-17-2001 06:32 AM

This is very entertaining. Ken, your response is:................?

Packfan 10-17-2001 07:20 AM

Chief fans,

I think you get the jist of what I am saying.

The Chiefs start off 1-4 and the "NFL's Greatest Fans" begin to abandon them. Just like they did during the 1980's.

Lets not kid ourselves here. Chief tickets are on sale to get rid of them. Most Chief fans wouldnt give a squirt of piss to get a ticket. Packer tickets are on sale to the highest bidder. There hasnt been, and wont be, any open seats to any future Packer games. Its a seller market for Packer tickets, and a buyers market for Chiefs tickets.

To help prove my point, I am going to show up at Arrowhead next Thursday night and will be GIVEN two tickets to the game.

Bwana 10-17-2001 09:59 AM

Ken: I was at the game last Sunday and the house was full. I bought airline tickets, rented a town car stayed in a hotel for 4 days, ate lots of great KC food, got to see old friends and meet new ones and noticed that some where along the way that the Chiefs lost as well. To be honset, in the big picture of life, it's not that big of a deal. My wife and I still had a fantastic time and got a lot more pleasure out of spending time with friends at the game than any Chief win.

Phobia 10-17-2001 11:00 AM


Originally posted by Packfan
Chief fans,

To help prove my point, I am going to show up at Arrowhead next Thursday night and will be GIVEN two tickets to the game.

I'm sure this arrangement has already been brokered. It's not like a complete stranger will give them to you....

Additionally, you've stated that GB fans do not sell their tickets. It's impossible to get tickets for GB games, yet there's a helluva lot more Pack tix that Chiefs tix on ebay. Don't make me have Titus bring those words back..... :D

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