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Lightrise 09-10-2012 07:37 AM

The Grover Norquist Blackmail pledge - America's Cancer destroying GOP Brains
The truth here is that the business community recognizes that the Grover Norquist blackmail pledge, the cancer on America, has entraped over 200 republican legislators. This has CREATED the uncertainty that republicans claim is adversing affecting recovery. It is bizarre, similar in logic to that oldie but goody, guns don't kill people, people kill people.

How did it create uncertainty? It did so by wagering that no harm would be realized in crafting public policy that doesn't align with proven theory, strays from realities of the culture Americans want, and masks the impact that America will ultimately face as a result of the risk. The business community sees the fraud of the whole argument, some struggling small business owners still drink snake oil however. But this is exactly why the debt limit debate alarmed the whole country, and the world, last year. To advocate shoving our country into default, and then voting to accomplish just that, was like setting families on fire. To act so aggressively to obstruct progress was akin to the I Love Lucy chocolate conveyor belt.

To pursue policy that has systematically destroyed the middle-class, and therefore customers, creates panic and huge unknowns when millions fall into the fight only for survival. The cancer of the blackmail pledge can only be healed by voters, who demand politicians rescind it or who will only elect politicians who openly advocate moderate positioning. This is the only way to restore a political process that is honorable, where leaders work together to solve problems where ideology alone just doesn't cut it. Th bottom line, when the facts change, thinking must change, and the blackmail pledge of Norquist has stolen republican brains. Have no doubt, the mindless golden rats will march one by one into the sea of irrelevancy as a result.

DO NOT VOTE for any representative signing that pledge, and uncertainty vanishes and we move forward as a country.

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