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listopencil 12-04-2012 03:03 PM

Great Article With Jerry Kramer, Retired Packers Guard
How My Career Ended: I Threw The Most Famous Block In NFL History But Couldn’t Open A Hole In My Contract

Rob Trucks


I think about it every day. Every time I forget a number. Every time I can't remember the name of a movie star or movie or any time my memory hesitates. My mother suffered from dementia. And my brother died from Alzheimer's, so I watched him die for seven years. And as he dwindled down into that darkness, it was probably the most difficult thing I've ever been a part of.

He ended up being like an 18-month-old child, playing with baby blocks and toys. And it was incredibly painful to watch. And to try to take him on rides or get him out of the house or take him fishing or something. We'd go fishing, which we did all our life. We used to go to Alaska. We had a cabin together in Alaska, and we loved to fish. And I'd take him fishing and he'd throw rocks in the water, like a young boy, a child. So I think about that all the time.

It's bothersome. Like I say, I think about it a lot. I'll forget something and go, "Oh, is this it?" You just never know. And I don't know that you're ever going to know, if you're going to be the one that knows or someone has to explain to you. But I sure as hell do think about it.


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