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Mr. Laz 01-24-2013 01:08 PM

Senior bowl practice on NFL Network Now
QB's running through drills right now if you're interested

Hootie 01-24-2013 01:10 PM

Let me know when they start doing left tackle drills

Rausch 01-24-2013 01:11 PM

Heh...last two days ESPN has been pimping Manuel like they're getting paid...

Mr. Laz 01-24-2013 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by Rausch (Post 9347830)
Heh...last two days ESPN has been pimping Manuel like they're getting paid...

Manual just threw a 10 yrd out into the ground(no defense)

BigMeatballDave 01-24-2013 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by Mr. Laz (Post 9347835)
Manual just threw a 10 yrd out into the ground(no defense)

Guy looks legit to me /DJs left nut


BigMeatballDave 01-24-2013 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by Rausch (Post 9347830)
Heh...last two days ESPN has been pimping Manuel like they're getting paid...

Oh, no. They'd never take cash from agents to pimp players...

Hootie 01-24-2013 01:21 PM

Is that a real view? ESPN taking cash to pimp players? Really?

Setsuna 01-24-2013 01:28 PM


BigMeatballDave 01-24-2013 01:29 PM


Originally Posted by Peyton's Princess (Post 9347872)
Is that a real view? ESPN taking cash to pimp players? Really?

Who knows?

It would not surprise me in the least.

Jiu Jitsu Jon 01-25-2013 01:58 AM


Originally Posted by Setsuna (Post 9347895)

Coaching the Senior Bowl FTW!

Rambozo 01-25-2013 07:47 AM

Well, since ChiefsCountry bans me in every thread for "abuse" in the draft forum, I guess I will attempt to post my notes here. I don't think he can stop me here but, i might be wrong? If you check out my posts in that forum, there really isn't abuse that I can see. I guess ChiefsCountry's butt hurts and that's where it is coming from? He is the "Mob Boss" after all so I guess you gotta kiss his ring or something to post over there? LMAO j/k

Mods, if you don't like me putting these reports here, feel free to move them or delete them. I started posting them in the Senior Bowl thread but, again, I was booted. I have gotten quite a bit of good positive feedback from the posts and am trying to keep them all in one place. I am planning to record my notes here from the East-West Shrine game, every Senior Bowl Practice, and the Senior Bowl itself. I'm not trying to piss anyone off. I'm just making conversation.

First, I'll start with the East-West Shrine Game below.


East-West Shrine Game Note's

I don't usually put too much time into the East-West Shrine Game but, this year I took notes and invested some time in it since our picks are so high... I put much more stock in watching the Senior Bowl practices rather than the actual game but, they don't show the East-West Shrine game practices so keep that in mind. Here's what I saw...

The Bad

The o-line play was horrible. I know these guys will be late round picks and there wasn't much time to gel but, I don't remember it ever being this bad. Kirk Ferentz's son played some center and guard but he was nothing special. There were some guys that were alright at run blocking but no one was good at pass blocking imo. Be glad we took a couple of o-linemen last year...

The QB play was also horrible. It was an atroicious display of arm strength and accuracy all around. I've never see so many balls hit the dirt. Klein is basically a poor man's Tebow. Most of the QBs were really bad but, a couple were OK. However, "OK" probably isn't good for the East-West Shrine game LOL. I probably wouldn't take any of them but here's what I thought.

Matt Scott, QB, Arizona was decent. The guy is short and fast. He came in and moved the chains. He has no arm strength and reminds me of Troy Smith. He had good command of the huddle and was fairly accurate. He is a longshot and probably won't make a practice squad.

Nathan Stanley, QB, Southeast Louisiana was the best QB. His college numbers are bad so this was suprising. He had like 9 TDs and 9 Ints at SE Louisiana last year. He played two years at Ole Miss and tranferred to SE Louisianna. He is a natural thrower and throws a pretty ball. He puts some good zip on it. He is extremely RAW but, he seems smart and has good command of the huddle. He was accurate and had a strong arm. He moved the chains and did a good job. He will probably be a practice squad guy that could turn into a back up.... MAYBE...

Zach Brown, K, Portland State was terrible. Reports said we had talked with this kid. He had a weak leg on kickoffs and missed an easy FG. He didn't seem confident. He won't get drafted.


Caleb Sturgis, K, Florida had a strong leg, was accurate, and confident. He's a good kicker and will probably be drafted. He had was good on kickoffs and had a good day.

Zac Stacy, RB, Vanderbilt was a decnet player. He has good quickness and a nice burst. He kind of dances around a lot and lost some yards a couple of times because of it. He also dropped a pass. Maybe he was nervous? Honestly, I expected more and was a little bit let down. I liked him at Vandy.

Christine Michael, RB, Texas A&M was a good downhill runner. He fumbled early but came back and led the game in rushing yards. He was unspectacular imo. Reminded me of Jackie Battle a little bit. He seemed full of himself and made the coach's shitlist at A&M. Late in the game, he brought water to the o-linemen on the bench. It's like he was trying to hard to come off as a good guy on TV. I wouldn't draft him.

Zach Line, RB, SMU had a solid game. He's not fast and runs downhill. He reminds me of Jacob Hester, the RB/FB tweener from LSU. He's not really great at anything but is alright at everything. I would pass.

Montel Harris, RB, Temple was a good pass catcher. Not a very good runner or blocker but, he can catch balls out of the backfield. He is like a poor man's Kevin Faulk.

Kerwynn Williams, RB, Utah State was one of my favorite players in the game. He was one of the best players on the field. He is just a really good all around back. Mayock said he was the best blocker out of the bunch, he has great hands, and he is elusive. He is a good runner, he doesn't fumble, and he is an excellent returner. He is extremely agile and quick. He is small at 5'8" but weighs in at 196 lbs. He reminds me of Warrick Dunn but, he has more meat on him. He's built like a rock. Charles Johnson said he reminds him of McCluster but, I don't see it. He is bigger, tougher and is a true RB. This guy is a good football player and will be playing on Sunday's as a role player and would be a very good back up RB. He might even suprise and start one day.

Chris Pantale, TE, Boston College had a good game. He is a good all around player who increased his stock imo. He catches with his hands, he is a good blocker, and he runs good routes. He caught everything thrown his way and moved the chains. He doesn't seem fast but he is sneaky and gets open. He was a team captain at Boston College and will make a team.

Trent Steelman, QB, Army is an interesting prospect. He is very smart and is a QB tweener type. He ran the option and the wildcat well but, didn't throw a pass. He lined up at receiver and dropped two passes but, he did run good routes and he was open. He lined up at RB and had a couple of nice runs. He was the long snapper and did a good job with that. Mayock thinks he should play safety. I think we better pass on this guy. He will be a good feel good story but, I just don't know guys. We've seen this deal before. He still has his Army contract to deal with. He's fast, quick, and has a lot of heart but, he probably won't make a roster. He has a ceiling as a gunner on special teams imo. He will get a lot of hype but, I would pass.

Keenan Davis, WR, Iowa was a pretty good player. Reports last week said the Chiefs talked to this guy. He is a big receiver at 6'2" and weighs 215 lbs. He is a very good blocker and he caught the ball with his hands. He is not elusive, quick, or agile but, he has good speed and can get open. He runs good routes. He would be good in the slot and he plays like Joe Jurivicious. He probably reminds Reid of Riley Cooper. He would be a good late round pick.

Emory Blake, WR, Auburn is a solid player. He has good speed, runs perfect routes, and has good hands. He is a possession type receiver and has led Auburn for the last two years in receptions, yards, and TDs. He made a couple of good sideline catches. He is Jeff Blake's son so he has gotten a lot of practice over the years with his QB dad. He was open all day. I like this kid as a late round pick. He could be a good sleeper pick. However, he could go earlier as his stock is on the rise.

Corey Fuller, WR, Virginia Tech had a good day. He is former NFL CB Corey Fuller's son (doesn't that make you feel old! LOL). He is a speed receiver and he drew two pass interference calls on deep routes. He's faster than his dad was. He has good hands and is quick. He would also be a good late round pick but, like Blake, his stock is on the rise.

Chad Bumphis, WR, Miss. St. had a good game. He is a possession type receiver with good hands. He will probably be a slot receiver in the NFL. He runs good routes but he seeems kind of slow to me. He didn't show much burst or quickness but he does produce. Mayock really likes him and talked about some big games he had in college. He just looks funny to me. He looks kind of chunky and out of shape. He looks more like a RB than a WR and I would pass. He's an odd prospect.

Jasper Collins, WR, Mt. Union is another guy that Mayock loves. He reminds Mayock of Dane Sanzenbacher and he does me too. He fumbled a punt as a returner but, played very well at receiver. He stands 5'10" and weighs 190 lbs. He runs perfect routes and catches the ball with his hands. He will get drafted in the later rounds. He is also a very smart player. He is a good quick slot possession guy. Think Lance Moore. The Chiefs were seen talking with this guy so keep an eye on him.

Anthony Amos, WR, Middle Tennesee State had a good game. Mayock is high on this guy. He is kind of small. They list him at 6' 185 lbs. He looks even smaller than that to me. He is very fast and elusive. He scored a TD on a WR reverse and is a YAC kind of guy. He can make people miss. He runs sloppy routes and catches the ball in his gut. He probably doesn't have good hands. When interviewed, he seemed as dumb as a box of rocks. If he turned out to be a good player, I see his ceiling as someone like Donte Stallworth. We have seen this type of prospect before. Think Dexter Jackson. The media will make him out to be a small school - good story type of guy in the draft. I would pass. Don't believe the hype and I think he's fools gold. I really don't like the way he catches the ball with his body.

Eric Highsmith, WR, North Carolina is a tall lanky WR that stands 6'3" and weighs in at 195 lbs. He didn't come into the game until the end of the 4th quarter so it kind of makes me think he didn't practice well. However, he was impressive. He ran good routes and made the catch of the game. It was a sideline catch in which he went up for the ball and came down with both feet in bounds despite being pushed by the CB. I liked him and he caught the ball well.


The safety talent was pretty lackluster and there were only a couple of guys worth noting. None of the players were awful but, only one stood out.

Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond was intriging. He stands 6'4" and weighs in at 230 lbs. However, he doesn't look that big when you watch him. He's quick and agile and takes long strides kind of like Taylor Mays. I don't think he'll be as fast as Mays but, he is a good center fielder. He is excellent in run support and can lay the wood when he wants to. He rotated between both safety positions and this could be valuable to KC. He would allow us to move Berry to either spot and not miss a beat. He is basically everything that Kendrick Lewis is not. Mayock loves this kid and he reminds him of Cam Chancellor from the Seahawks. I would concur with that. Mayock says he can really cover TEs and we need to give this guy a serious look. This guy's stock is on the rise and he looks like a 3rd or 4th round pick to me.

Rashard Hall, S, Clemson stands 6' 2" and weighs 210 lbs. Jerry Glanville, coach of the East team, said to watch him in his pregame interview. He said he was underrated and was a really good thumper. I never noticed him in the game so take it for what it's worth.

Earl Wolff, S/CB, NC State made a nice pick in the end zone. He looks fast but is small for a safety at 6' 196 lbs. He will probably play CB in the NFL.

There was some very good talent at LB in this game. I was pleasently suprised.

Keith Pough, OLB, Howard got a lot of hype from Mayock as a leader. I guess he had a good week of practice and was very vocal. I didn't see anything that stood out in the game. Mayock said he reminds him of a poor man's Sean Weatherspoon.

Sio Moore, OLB, UConn was a good solid player. He is a sideline to sideline player and a very solid tackler. He reminds me of a poor man's Alec Ogletree. He would probably be a good special teamer and a good back up. He's fast and can cover. He's not flashy but, doesn't miss tackles period. He's probably a 4-3 or cover 2 linebacker.

Nick Moody, OLB, Florida State is a converted safety. He is very fast and reacts to the ball well. He reminds me of Dakota Watson and will probably be a special teams ace. He's a good tackler.

Matt Evans, MLB, New Hampshire is a smart and solid player. He's another great tackler and is a thumper. He recovered a fumble and had several tackles. He had 480 career tackles at New Hampshire. He finds the ball and reacts well. He is also really good at making the reads and is a general back there.

AJ Klein, LB, Iowa State had a fantastic game. I would say he was the second or third best player on the field. He stands 6'2" and weighs in at 244 lbs. He looks smaller than he is listed to me but, he plays big. He is disruptive and is constantly in the backfield. He can cover and has good hands. He doesn't seem to be a thumper but is a very very good tackler. Mayock says he is either a 4-3 OLB or a 3-4 MLB at the will position. There are a lot of Chiefs fans who are high on this guy. I hadn't seen him play until yesterday but he is worthy of the hype imo. Mayock has him going in the 3rd or 4th round and we should try and get this guy imo. He's a playmaker who had 5 picks and returned 4 TDs at Iowa State. He is such a good tackler that he reminds of former Steelers great Jack Hamm. I know those are big shoes to fill but this guy could really turn into to something imo.

The strongest position group at this game were the cornerbacks. Honestly, I didn't see a bad one which is good because we need a couple. There is going to be great value at this position throughout the entire draft.

Darren Hester, CB, UCLA stands 6'1" and weighs 205 lbs. He's a good cover corner and can run with anyone. He did draw two pass interference calls against the speedy Fuller but they were unnecessary. The coverage was good. He just didn't get his head around and he seemed nervous. He would be a good project.

Nigel Malone, CB, K-State jumped a route and returned it for a pick six. He had 12 interceptions in his last two years at K-State. He was a JUCO transfer who really stepped up his game. He is built like Richard Marshall and reminds me of him. He stands 5'10" and weighs in at 180 lbs. He's quick and plays fast. I didn't see him make a tackle but he has a nose for the ball and is worth a look.

Brandon Smith, CB, UGA is a small guy at 5'10" and 165 lbs. He got beat for a TD despite good coverage. Later, he made a nice interception. Smith is incredibly fast. I expect him to run a very fast 40 at the combine. He was a three year starter at UGA before losing his job last year. Swann, the kid who replaced him is awesome and will probably be a top 10 pick someday but, Smith has been inconsistant at times. Again, this guy is lightning fast and played both WR and CB. He was a really good returner at Georgia but, I am skeptical of this guy. I would pass. It just seems like he "checks out" at times.

Melvin White, CB, Louisianna Lafayette is one of my favorite players in this class. He stands 6'3" and weighs 191 lbs. He looks and moves like Brandon Carr. He was only thrown at twice in this game and played the entire second half. Both passes were screen passes and he overpursued and missed a tackle on one of them. However, he was great in run support. He is fast in pursuit. He's a nasty player and will get in the scrum. I want this guy bad. He plays like James Hasty and will bump a receiver at the line. Hopefully, we can get him in the later rounds.

Terry Hawthorne, CB, Illinois stands 6'1 and weighs 193 lbs. He's another guy who had a good game. He is a good tackler and had the best interception. It was in the endzone and he was covering a TE that was 6'6". He out jumped the guy and picked it off while falling backwards. He's worth a look for sure.

Josh Johnson, CB, Purdue stands 5'11" and weighs 195 lbs. He had a really good return and is more quick than fast. He was good in coverage and is a solid tackler. He reminds me of Arenas but, he might be a abetter returner

Kahlid Wooten, CB, Nevada is about the same size as Johnson and has good cover skills. He can really jump and made a nice pick. He would be a NB in the pros.

Rod Sweeting, CB, Georgia Tech really had a good day. He was thrown at once and had a great diving break up. He is a lanky guy at 6' 187 lbs. He is a very fast cover corner. I didn't see him make a tackle but he plays fast and is a great prospect. He needs to get a good look.

There was a lot of good talent on the d-line. Seemed like they got pressure all day.

Brandon Thurman, DE, Arkansas-Pine Bluff had a good game. He's a 4-3 DE and he gets into the backfield regulary. Mayock really likes him and said he had a good week of practice. He has a high motor but, he's really RAW.

Izaan Cross, DT, Georgia Tech was a pleasent suprise. He weighs 304 lbs. and stands 6'4". He consistantly got good push and really helped the linebackers penetrate. He made a nice tackle in the backfield. Wonder if he could play DE in the 3-4? I like him.

Joe Vallano, DE, Maryland consistantly got in the backfield. He is a bull rusher and weighs 305 lbs. standing 6'2". He looks like a 3-4 DE and is worth a look.

Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina was the player of the game. I can't see him getting out of the 3rd round but might even go in the second. He stands 6'7" and weighs 275 lbs. Mayock thinks he can gain 10-15 lbs. The dude had two tackles for a loss, a sack, and a forced fumble. He was basically unblockable and wreaked havoc. Maybe he could play DE in the 3-4 and be a player like Aaron Smith was for Pittsburgh? He looks like he could get 8-10 sacks a year as a 3-4 DE. He will get serious consideration from Andy Reid. He was a man among boys.

Rambozo 01-25-2013 07:52 AM


Obviously you can't see everything when you watch these practices but, they usually show some good stuff. There is no where to hide in the one on one drills and they are what I invest the most in. Keep in mind this only what I see and I'm no expert LOL

North Practice #1 (January 21, 2013)

Pre-practice Notes

Mayock and Charles Davis called out Geno Smith, Montee Ball, and Kenny Vaccaro for skipping the Senior Bowl. None of them are injured so he felt like they should have all been there. All of the other top senior QBs, RBs, and S were there. Mayock said Geno was mistaken if he thinks he is a top 10 lock right now. For what it's worth, Charles Davis concurred and said he sat next to a high ranking executive on his flight to Mobile who said the exact same thing.


Mike Glennon, QB, NC State looked great throwing the ball. He definately looked the best out the bunch. His throwing motion, footwork, and form are perfect. He throws tight spirals. He can throw a 30 yard pass across the field from the back hash on a dime in drills. He had the best control of the huddle and he was also the tallest guy in the huddle (including the o-linemen). He is sneaky elusive like in the pocket and looks almost exactly like Flacco when he is playing. When he is just walking around and getting a cup of water, he looks really awkward. He makes me think of Big Bird and doesn't look like an athlete at all. The thing is that he's really inconsistant. He overthrew a wide open WR by like ten yards and it was picked. He seems like he's kind of a spaz back there and he panics a little. He seemed very stressed out and maybe he just had the first day jitters. Mayock thinks he's a combination of Joe Flacco and Ryan Mallet. When I just watch him in the pocket, I agree with that but, when I watch where the ball goes, he's not even close to those guys. He's not calm like Flacco and you can see it when you watch his passes. It seems like this would be hard to fix. Again, maybe he was just nervous.

Mayock compared Nassib, QB, Syracuse to Andy Dalton and Kirk Cousins. Said he was more athletic than you would think. He said he expects his stock to rise in the next few months. They didn't show much of him or Dysert, QB, Miami of Ohio. He did commend both of them for playing well in the big games. He said USC was to big of a game for Syracuse but, it wasn't for Nassib. Said he stood in there and played tough. He said the same thing about Dysert vs. Ohio State. Hopefully they will show more of them in the other practices...

Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State seemed to catch evrything with his body. He can get open and runs great routes but, I worry about the catching.

Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall is big at 6'2" and kind of looks like Bowe out there. He's not the fastest guy in the world but he caught the ball with his hands and ran good routes.

Chris Harper, WR, Kansas State looks like a RB playing WR. He's like 6'1 228 lbs. Like Wheaton, he caught the ball with his body and ran kind of sloppy routes.

Maquize Goodwin, WR, Texas is 5'9" and weighs 177 lbs. I guess he ran track for the Olympic team and finished 10th in his event. He is blazing fast and I mean he has elite speed. He out ran one of Glennon's passes and Glennon has a really strong arm. He was quick off the line and gets open consistantly on go routes. He caught the ball confidently with his hands. He might be toast if a CB got their hands on him but, that didn't happen. I hope to see him as a returner and I have a feeling he could be a stud there. He reminds me of Jerome Lewis that used to play for the Ravens. He might be able to play a part time slot role like TY Hilton does for Indy...

I didn't see Aaron Mellette, WR, Elon or Denard Robinson, WR/QB, Michigan at all.

Honestly, I was more impressed with some of the WRs I watched in the East-West Shrine Game than this bunch.

Kyle Long, OT, Oregon stand 6'7 and weighs 312 lbs. He's a monster and is Howie Long's son. He really struggled against everyone at OT. When they moved him to guard, he was great. He can get up quick for such a big guy. He just doesn't have the best feet. I think he will definately be a guard in the pros.

Hugh Thorton, OG, Illinois had a bad day. He got whipped every time they showed him.

Robbie Rouse, RB, Fresno State stands 5'7" and weighs 195 lbs. He's a rock and looks like a minature version of MJD if you can imagine that. He is quick, agile, and cuts extremely well. He also excels at catching balls out the backfield. I liked him. He's a lot like Utah State running back Kerwin Williams who played at the East-West Shrine Game. It's close but, I like Williams a little better because he can block.

They didn't show much of the TEs...


John Simon, MLB, Ohio State was really the only LBer that they showed. He has a high motor, is a tough guy, and a solid tackler. He struggles in coverage and would probably be about like Belcher was. He's strong as hell and had really good push in one on one drills with the o-linemen. He kind of reminds me of Zach Thomas. He is a little taller than Thomas but he plays just like him. He would fit our system perfectly and has some potential imo.

Jamar Taylor, CB, Boise State is a smaller type of corner at 5'11" and 196 lbs. He's a scrappy little guy and I liked that. He seems to play a little too far off of receivers and his back peddle wasn't clean. His feet are a big red flag imo. He doesn't have fast feet. Maybe he just had a bad day but he struggled out there.

Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State is a smaller guy like Taylor. Mayock was high on this guy and liked him as a playmaker. He held on every play and I wasn't impressed. He would have been penalized if it were a game.

Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington played with a lot of swagger. He definately has a mouth. He looks like a slightly taller version of Terrance Newman out there. He plays very fast and had really tight coverage. Like Poyer, he had his hands all over people which made me a little nervous. He would have been called for pass interference. I think he will come around and I really liked him. He really stood out in a good way. He's very fast and we might be able to get him like we got Flowers in the second round. IF, he doesn't sneak into the first.

Note that Mayock said all of these guys were best when giving a push at the line. They didn't do any of that in the practice.

Phillp , S, Fresno State is a big boy. He stands 6'1 and weighs 215 lbs. but, he looks and plays bigger than that imo. I think he could play either safety position. He struggled a little in man coverage and wasn't as quick as I would have liked but, he is a safety after all. He does seem to have good straight line speed but, he struggled with cuts. He looks like he could knock the shit out of people but, we'll see. I liked him. As a side note, Mayock talked about TJ McDonald's dad coaching him at Fresno State as the secondary coach. I thought that was interesting.

Duke Williams, S, Nevada
really got exposed. He looks like a big safety but, he just can't seem to get his head around and would have been called for pass interference a couple of times. He struggled bigtime in man coverage against the running backs.

Alex Okafor, DE, Texas was a stud. He really looked good on the one on one drills and has a high motor.

Datone Jones, DE, UCLA was the fastest DE of the bunch. He is extremely fast off the line and was the best speed rusher. He is 6'4" and weighs 275 lbs. He looks like a poor man's JPP.

Kewann Short, DT, Purdue looked really good. He had a high motor and probably had the most push out of everyone. He is really strong and the first round seems possible. I bet he could play DE in the 3-4.

Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern had a great day. He is almost an exact clone of Short. He's also strong and gets a lot of push. He's a bit raw but, will be a baller imo.

The Good

Eric Fischer, OT, Central Michigan weighs 307 lbs. and stands 6'7". He was a man among boys. The only comparison I think of is the year Von Miller went to the Senior Bowl. It was that obvious. Mayock compared him to Joe Staley but, I think he's better. He had the best footwork I have seen in a prospect in years and his form was impeccable. He completely dominated everyone. He is so clean looking out there that it's crazy. He reminds me of Tony Boselli. He's a top 10 lock imo.

The Bad

I liked Margus Hunt, DE, SMU going into this thing but, let me tell you, he was horrible. He looks like a perfect fit for our defense but, he can't beat one blocker let alone occupy two. He was really just out of his league. You could tell he hasn't played long and he was pancaked on one on one drills twice.... it was that bad...

Braxton Cave, C, Notre Dame was another guy I really liked going into this. He was the worst o-linemen by a mile. He only played center and had no push at all. He got knocked on his back twice. Short and Williams just embarrassed him.

Maybe they will do better as the week goes on...

Suprise Players

David Quessenberry, C/G, San Jose State is big at 6'6" 295 lbs. He was kicking ass all day at both center and guard. He pancaked Hunt, Jones, and Buchanan. This guy is the real deal and he held his own against everyone. His stock went up for sure.

Brian Winter, OT, Kent State stands 6'5" and weighs 310 lbs. He was my favorite player of the day. He is mean, nasty, and he has a bad attitude. He just let it all hang out and he didn't seem to care about making friends. He ripped William's helmet off and absolutely owned him. He stood his ground with everyone and didn't seem to give a shit what the scouts thought about him. He looks like he hasn't shaved in a week and is just an old school player. He reminds me of John Runyan. He's got a serious mean streak and I love this guy. I think Reid will too. His stock went way up imo.

Plays of the Day

TJ McDonald, S, USC had a really nice pick. He covered a lot of ground and made a diving pick off of the pass that Glennon overthrew. That's really the only time I saw him. Maybe we will see more of him tomorrow. Mayock noted that his dad is the former 49er Tim McDonald so he comes from good stock. There are a ton of former players kids in this class. It's really pretty crazy.

Duke Williams, S, Nevada got smoked by Kyle Juszczyck, FB, Harvard on a one on one coverage drill. he got mad and chased him down and punched the ball out of his hands from behind causing a fumble on the 2 yard line. LOL
The South Second Practice Notes will be coming within the hour.

EDIT: Nevermind

Jiu Jitsu Jon 01-26-2013 01:10 AM

Did you guys see that guy from Missouri Southern? Homeboy is no joke! He made the OL look like fools in that drill.

Bump 01-26-2013 01:14 AM

I'm pretty bummed Geno isn;t here

Rugby Thompson 01-26-2013 02:59 AM

anyone notice scotttttt piollllllli on nfl network today

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