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CosmicPal 02-06-2013 11:59 AM

YouTube Channel Subscriptions
I'm just going to throw this out there because I am not sure how many people are even aware of this yet. But, here it is.

I've signed up for a load of YouTube channels online. They work just fine on my computer. However, my TV has a YouTube app and when I go to the YouTube app and sign in with my YouTube login/username- I gain access to my YouTube channels. Yay!

Here's the kicker though: 1. Not all of my channels are showing up. And 2. There's shit there that I never subscribed to! There's a couple of these stupid soft porn (no porn at all really) channels that show up on my YouTube app on my TV. Yet, when I go online to my YouTube account and manage my subscriptions there, there's no such channel.

Why the **** is my TV not showing all of my subscribed channels?

I posted this in their forum, but I'm getting nowhere. I've tried logging in/out on both the computer and the TV.

I'd like to get this rectified because if I can subscribe to these channels for FREE, and use my Amazon Prime membership, and sign up for Netflix, I can probably get rid of Cable TV forever.

Any ideas?

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