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Buck 02-28-2013 08:57 PM

What Multitool do you recommend?


'Hamas' Jenkins 02-28-2013 08:58 PM

Leatherman Wave.

Bugeater 02-28-2013 08:58 PM

I have a Leatherman. :shrug:

BlackHelicopters 02-28-2013 08:58 PM


Dayze 02-28-2013 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by theelusiveeightrop (Post 9452774)


Sorter 02-28-2013 09:00 PM

BlackBob 2012. All the tool you need and more.

prhom 02-28-2013 09:00 PM

Gerber used to make one you could open with one hand. That is really handy in some situations. I don't know if they make them like that anymore, but the tool was good quality and I'd look at them first if I was going to get another one.

Buck 02-28-2013 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by 'Hamas' Jenkins (Post 9452768)
Leatherman Wave.

Seems pretty good.

listopencil 02-28-2013 09:03 PM

B14ckmon 02-28-2013 09:05 PM

I second the mole penis.

Cephalic Trauma 02-28-2013 09:05 PM

That thing has a jizz sprinkler

Bwana 02-28-2013 09:07 PM

Leatherman Surge

Sorter 02-28-2013 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by listopencil (Post 9452790)

What am I looking at?

B14ckmon 02-28-2013 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by Bwana (Post 9452811)

That's pretty ****ing awesome. Do they sell it at any major retailers?

Buehler445 02-28-2013 09:14 PM

I freaking hate multitools. Dirt, UAN, chemicals all ****ing destroy the folding mechanisms and the tools are almost never good enough to do what I need them to do.

Slipjoint pliers and a pocket knife is all I carry. If I need anything else I'll probably need more than a pocket tool. I've got basic tools in about every vehicle, so they're typically close anyway.

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