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Fishpicker 03-05-2013 07:41 PM

Stevie Ray Vaughan W/ Albert King
In Session. This 1983 concert is going to be aired tonight on KTWU at 8:30. I just noticed this on the cable guide and thought I'd post this here to give people a heads up. I've never seen or even heard of this before.

Recent and Upcoming Airings
(11.1) 3/5 8:30 pm (11.1) 3/8 10:00 pm (11.3) 3/9 9:00 pm (11.1) 3/16 10:30 pm

otherstar 03-06-2013 01:15 PM

I've heard most of it (I have the CD). You can really hear (and see in the video) just how much of an influence Albert King was on SRV's playing. SRV always called Albert his "daddy" and it shows. Some wicked, wicked blues there!

Fishpicker 03-06-2013 07:11 PM

watched this today. I was expecting SRV to pull back on the reigns a bit. That wasn't the case. Vaughan and King worked really well together.

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