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Direckshun 03-07-2013 01:23 PM

Mock + free agency (3/7/13)
I don't like including free agency in these mocks, but I've got a bit of time to burn so I'm going to try this out.


1. The Chiefs let Dorsey walk, and cut Cassel.

3. The Chiefs land the following free agents:

QB Brian Hoyer
RB La'Rod Stephens-Howling
OG Jake Scott
DE Jason Jones
ILB Bart Scott
CB Sean Smith

4. They get one compensatory pick, an extra third (Carr).

5. The Chiefs try furiously to trade down, but there are no takers.

On with the show:

1. QB Geno Smith, West Virginia

I'm still not sold that losing Winston has any effect on what the Chiefs do at the #1 overall position. In my hypothetical, the Chiefs have acquired a starting corner and a starting defensive end in free agency. They have two young players on the team who have right tackle capability. And the Chiefs have made comments that they value Albert's talent.

At this point, I still consider it somewhat likely they go with a tackle, but not the 90% certainty everybody else on this board has. I continue to believe the Chiefs, if they have to make this pick, will make the big with the best long-term ramifications. And there really aren't any other QBs in this draft. Really.

3. WR Stedman Bailey, West Virginia

I loved what Indy did last year, in bringing in Luck's favorite target in the 3rd round. I mimick that here. Bailey was not the most talented WR Smith threw to, but with Tavon Austin getting dramatically overrated now, along with a handful of swift risers, Austin could potentially fall to the top of the third.

3. OLB Trevardo Williams, Connecticut

Williams has been a ****ing monster rushing the passer the past two years, totaling 23 sacks. He is undersized, but fortunately he can simply be a contributor with Hali and Houston getting most of the reps.

4. OT Jordan Mills, Louisiana Tech

Talking about a ****ing monster, did anybody see Mills at the Senior Bowl?

5. TE Mychal Rivera, Tennessee

Undersized one-dimensional receiving threat at the TE position. Yes please.

6. ILB Vince Williams, Florida State

I just like this guy's size. There's no telling how Bart Scott will pan out, but this team nonetheless needs LB depth.

7. CB Dominique Battle, Cincinnati

Meh. I don't know, not a lot of great options here, so I'll go with a talented player with red flag injury concerns. If the Chiefs think he's salvageable, maybe we've got good value here for a nickel or dime back.

Direckshun 03-07-2013 01:26 PM

QB: Smith, Smith, Hoyer
RB: Charles, Stephens-Howling, Droughn, Gray
FB: DiMarco

WR: Bowe, Baldwin, Steadman, McCluster, Wylie
TE: Moeaki, Maneri, Rivera

LT: Albert, Stephenson
LG: Allen, Scott
C: Hudson, Patterson
RG: Asamoah, Scott
RT: Stephenson, Mills

DE: Jones, Bailey
NT: Poe, Powe, Toribio
DE: Jackson, Muir

OLB: Hali, Jones
ILB: Scott, Williams
ILB: Johnson, Sturdivant
OLB: Houston, Williams

CB: Flowers, Smith, Arenas, Brown, Battle
S: Berry, Abdullah, Lewis, Menzie

Frosty 03-07-2013 03:08 PM

Are you trying to mock every player in the draft at least once? Just curious.

Direckshun 03-07-2013 03:24 PM

Nah, I avoid the players I don't like.

But mocks get boring if I keep mocking the same players time after time. Best if I change it up.

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