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zigbazah 06-15-2013 12:46 AM

Pappy's Smokehouse in STL
I'm in STL this weekend, and due to great reviews from Zagat, USA Today, Yelp, Food Network etc, decided to try this place. When I walked in, the line was long. They have pictures of celeb customers on the walls. Holy ****in Batman... this place was a huge let down. The beans, corn and sauces were alright, but the meats were something shocking. There was no smokey flavor or any resemblance of a smoke ring on anything. The brisket, particularly, tasted like rubber roast beef. I understand a restaurant not quite living up to hype, but this was mind-boggling. Have these reviewers and celebs ever tasted even remotely decent BBQ before? Shit, I'm pissed.

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