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ZepSinger 08-22-2013 08:28 PM

My new music project
Hi CPers-

Just thought I'd drop a link to my new music project- a one-man band, just me on vocals and guitar, with all backing tracks on the laptop. I'm focusing heavily on a Trop Rock theme- tons of Jimmy Buffet, Clapton, some Bob Marley and Beach Boys, Kenny Chesney, and assorted classic rock, country, and oldies. It's pretty much ready to go live, so I'm going to try to book some warm-up gigs in and around the KC Metro area thru next spring, then switch bookings to the Tampa Bay FL area when we move there in July (which is where I'm really gearing this setlist toward). This sort of thing should go over well at events like pool parties, tropically-themed corporate events, outdoor bars, special events, etc.

So if any of you know of any upcoming events that would dig this sort of show and material, give me a shout...

Ron Scott- One-Man Band



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