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AussieChiefsFan 09-01-2013 05:10 AM

My FF Teams for 2013
My 1st team
Okay, so this team is for an NFL Down Under league on Unfortunately, I was not able to actually be there for the draft, so I edited my draft board so that I could at least get a few players I wanted. I'm actually quite happy with most of my starters. Some of mu back-ups are a bit iffy, but I'm not complaining.

So here's the team:

QB: Aaron Rodgers - Very happy with this one, he was on my board.
RB1: Arian Foster - Boy oh boy am I glad with this one, he was also on my board. AP was #1 and Foster was #2 on my board.
RB2: Danny Woodhead - Ok so I didn't get any other RBs that were on my board. Not too bad though.
WR1: Wes Welker - Can't go wrong here I guess, with him being him, and Manning being himself. Was on my board.
WR2: Larry Fitzgerald - Again, not too bad. Was also on my board.
TE: Tony Gonzalez - If he keeps playing at a high level, Im happy.
W/R: Mike Wallace - He has potential to put up a lot of stats, but Im not getting my hopes up. As long as he says kinda consistent.
K: Blair Walsh
Def: Cardinals - Kicker and D are both fairly interchangeable, but for now, these are both okay.

QB: Eli Manning (Happy with this)
RB: Chris Ivory / Ryan Matthews / Daryl Richardson
WR: Alshon Jeffrey
TE: Owen Daniels (Also happy with this)


My 2nd Team
Alright, so this is my second team of 2013, my team in ChiefsPlanet member wheeler08's league.

Here's the team:

QB: Colin Kaepernick (And Wilson) - I think I'll be getting a big year out of him, needless to say.
RB1: Jamaal Charles - If he at least recreates last year (with a tad more consistency) Ill be very glad I have him. Also, with his increased involvement in the passing game, that should combine for more points all round.
RB2: Steven Jackson - Him being on a new team that already has a prolific passing attack, should make him a fairly valuable pick.
WR1: A.J. Green - All he has to do is keep up what he's doing.
WR2: Wes Welker - Again, keep up the production and it's all great.
TE: Ed Dickson (Pending Waiver Claim) - With Dennis Pitta out for a while, Dickson's production should increase.
W/R: Eddie Lacy - He has a good chance at being the main man in Green Bay.

QB: Russell Wilson - I think I'll be playing either Wilson or Kaepernick based on each week's individual opponent matchup, but for now, Ill just leave Kaepernick as the starter.
RB: Jonathan Franklin / Ronnie Hillman (pending drop) / Shane Vereen - I do have a lot of RBs, so I may be dumping some of them for players off the waiver wire, but for now Ill leave it.
WR: Chris Givens / James Jones
TE: Rob Gronkowski - Needs to get healthy.


Ceej 09-01-2013 07:23 AM

Matthews/Richardson would be my #2 RB. I don't like Woodhead much at all.

But, overall, for a auto pick draft that's a pretty solid team.

Not sure how you snagged both Foster and Rodgers. Sounds like you're in a dead money league.

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