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In58men 09-30-2013 08:17 PM

My somewhat big trade in a keeper league
I gave up Darren McFadden and Chris Givens for Roddy White and Donnie Avery.

My other backs I currently have:

Eddie Lacy
Le'Veon Bell
Knowshon Moreno

In58men 09-30-2013 08:39 PM

My receivers are weak.

Jordy Nelson
Vincent Brown
Mike Wallace
Mohamed Sanu

rico 10-01-2013 02:25 AM

Darren Mcfadden...ugh those injuries...and he was recently injured this weekend. I have him on my team in my most serious league... I knew it was a risk with him, but damn that dude has potential to tear shit much as I hate to say it with him being a Faid. It'll be interesting to see how long this current injury of his "lingers." Sometimes I think this Mcfadden dude literally is a pussy.

Donnie Avery: I have no idea what to expect from him in terms of FF potential. Just no clue...don't even know who to compare him to when considering the type of WR he is combined with the QB throwing to him.... literally no clue.

Chris Givens: I have him on both of my teams...he has been disappointing.

Roddy White: I have him on one of my two teams. He has been a bitch to have on my fantasy team.... Yahoo sports doesn't know a ****ing thing about the Falcons. They always sound so chipper about Roddy White... like the thingy will say something like "Expect Roddy White to get a lot of targets given he is presumably 85% and Julio Jones will be double-teamed. Next week, it should be the Roddy White of old times." And every ****ing week, he doesn't do jack shit and there's reports of him being gimpy. HOWEVER.....even though he's been frustrating so far, I think he'll eventually take off and beast it. Dude is so freaking good when 100% and if he gets to 100%, he'll be reeling in big games for sure.

I think you got the better end of this deal...because I think things are looking up for White EVENTUALLY, and I don't think things are bad with Avery (no clue) and things are looking down for the 2 you traded away. Givens has been really disappointing and doesn't show many signs that he will not continue to be disappointing. And Mcfadden....shit, his injures tend to linger....and linger.....and linger....for weeks. Yeah, I think you were on the better end of that draft.

DaKCMan AP 10-01-2013 07:25 AM

Roddy White is 31. In a keeper league, I think you got rolled.

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