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Dartgod 01-09-2014 01:21 PM

2013 Gambling Challenge - Announcement
During the final week of wagering, for the Super Bowl, I will be accepting bets via PM.

It will not be mandatory that you do so, but I want to try to do this to make it so it will be more challenging for the leader to protect his lead and for those close behind to make up ground. In the past it was easy for one to wait for the other to bet and then bet accordingly.

This is not an accusation of cheating, nor was there anything wrong with the way it wasw done before. I just wanted to change things up a bit.

I will still be adding some prop bets for the Super Bowl, as in past years. These will be the lines I will be adding to the normal odds.
  • 1st Half Spread
  • 1st half Money Line
  • 1st Half Over/Under
  • 1st Team to Score
  • Last Team to Score

EDIT: I was looking back at last year's SB thread to verify the prop bets, and apparently I allowed bets via PM then as well. One thing that was brought up was posting a bet publicly and then changing it via PM. If this is done, I will be posting the change to the original bet.

For the record, only 2 people bet via PM last year.

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