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htismaqe 08-20-2000 08:16 AM

a) although some may not have seen it (and others wouldn't want to see it), Grbac went to his second and even third read on several p***es last night. This is a BIG improvement for him.

b) The D line was getting pressure without blitzing. Clemons looked especially good.

c) The mental mistakes that I saw, while frustrating, are fixable. With the possible exception of loose coverage in the defensive secondary (zone), none were scheme or talant related.

what am i missing?...

htismaqe 08-20-2000 08:51 AM

d) I believe we had far fewer penalties last night.

e) TRich is looking GREAT!

f) Tait looked like a monster when he pulled and lead the sweeps.

still feeling good about the season...

KCWolfman 08-20-2000 10:10 AM

Luz, Which read was Grbac on when he spiked the ball on third down with 40 seconds left bringing up first down?

I really tried to think of something positive to add to your thread and it is really difficult. Here's one-Tony Richardson, now the negative; he will be relegated to merely an occasional contributor to the offense. He SHOULD be the feature HB.

KCWolfman 08-20-2000 10:13 AM

First sentence was supposed to say; bringing up fourth down.

Admin-How bout an edit feature?

htismaqe 08-20-2000 10:33 AM


I know your not an EG fan, but this is preseason where mistakes like this will (and should) happen.

Now that he's made this mistake in a game situation, do you think he'll do it again this year?

I was listening to the Jacksonville announcers and they were talking about how the two minute drill was the very last part of Brunell's game to come together.

IMO, Grbac has great potential, but we will never develop or see it if we don't have some patience.

I do agree though, TRich looked awsome.

i was disappointed that i didn't see any more comlicated p*** routes...

KCWolfman 08-20-2000 12:34 PM

Luz-Sorry, regardless of when it is, a "professional" should not have a brain lapse like that. It violated all logic and showed an utter ignorance of the situation that he was in. Those of us who watch attentively have seen this kind of thing happen consistantly with EG. Heap on top of that the fact that once again, he cannot take responsiblity for his ignorance (him and King Carl make good bedfellows) and it points to a QB with NO leadership potential.

My opinion of EG is based soley on the leadership capabilities that I see. None. Luz, you may not have seen the game, I'll tell you this; minutes before he pulled the bone head play he was seen on the field, laughing because he had just had a ball tipped and nearly intercepted, NOT cool! The very next play, he did exactly the same thing, double not cool.

I wish that I could share your optimism, however, fan support aside, this franchise is in worse shape right now than it has been in nearly twenty years. Thank you King Carl, could you please leave the building?

AustinChief 08-20-2000 03:06 PM


Edit feature added.
"Pass" problem corrected.


KCWolfman 08-20-2000 05:24 PM

Thanks AC! Our wish is our reality! I might say that is a bit different from the policy at the Star BB!!!!!!!! Rock on!

htismaqe 08-20-2000 06:19 PM


I was watching the Jacksonville feed, and I must say, they are much higher on Grbac than you are.

This is something we just disagree on. I guess time will have to tell which one of us is a better judge of QB talent. Quite frankly, I thought last year put most of the doubts to rest.

not nearly so inclined to doom and gloom...

KCWolfman 08-20-2000 08:18 PM

Luz-Quite frankly last year solidified in my mind that Grbac was a back up at best. He was given the whole season without any threat to his fragile psyche of losing his starting position. Result; a 9-7 record and out of the playoffs again. Granted he put up some big numbers at times but Qb's teams who are losing often do so. Stats DO lie.

My most vivid memory of EG last season was him running out of bounds 20 yards behind the LOS without throwing the ball away first. Then of course there was the "I can't throw the ball and catch it too" comment...........

It is amazing to me, I often wonder if I am watching the same Qb and hearing the same lame *ss excuses as his defenders are! Luz, I feel confident that in the end those of us who do not support Grbac will be vindicated. I would bet on it.

htismaqe 08-20-2000 08:44 PM

I hope, and feel confident, that you are wrong Kurt, but time will tell.

I think there are far more valid concerns with our team than our QB and our GM.

btw, how's the biz?...

KCWolfman 08-20-2000 09:04 PM

Luz-the biz? Just like this BB, I'm lurking! HA, HA!

AustinChief 08-21-2000 09:57 AM

I think the coolest thing I've seen so far from the preseason is Mike Cloud. I'm stoked to see this guy cut up some defenses. He's got skills, and he brings a pretty exciting dimension to the O that we haven't had in a while.

BTW, bench Dishman and give Bartee some time, I wanna see more of him.

In general, I want to see more of the young guys. Really, really bad, I want to see a rapid infusion of youth. That way another 9-7 year is a year to build on, if we know we're going to get better.

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