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kcmax 08-21-2000 08:01 PM

I saw in the post on the Star BB where you were wanting certain members to come over here. I am just wondering if I am one of them?<BR>

AustinChief 08-21-2000 08:03 PM


Absolutely anyone is invited here. Glad you could make it.

Trolls who display abusive behavior will be eliminated. Otherwise, you are welcome to post your thoughts.

Gracie Dean 08-21-2000 08:03 PM


I put out a general invite and they deleted it. I put one in several threads after 5, I guess you did not see one of them.

Well anyway welcome, enjoy yoursef, post pictures, use smiles and have some fun expressing yourself. Glad you found the place.

Jim Reynolds

AustinChief 08-21-2000 08:04 PM


Do you like talking Chiefs Football?
Can you skip a thread if it doesn't interest you?
Can you carry on a conversation using words of more than two syllables?

If so, then HELL YES, you're welcome!

Misplaced Chiefs Fan
Red and Gold on the Warpath

kcmax 08-21-2000 08:08 PM


Whew, wondering has 3 syllables. Just got in under the wire.

AustinChief 08-21-2000 08:10 PM


There you go. It's one of those secret handshake kind of things, you know, how we really tell who belongs in the club and who's a poser. :P

Seriously, glad you're here and hope your team does well this year!

Misplaced Chiefs Fan
Red and Gold on the Warpath

bkkcoh 08-21-2000 08:10 PM's the new revolution...
If they'd take're a lock!

redshirt32 08-21-2000 08:13 PM

Whose your team COOGS?

kcmax 08-21-2000 08:17 PM

Dr. Red

Diehard Chief for 33 -34 years. Coogs is the nickname of the high school mascot for which I am the boys basketball coach,

redshirt32 08-21-2000 08:23 PM

Cool. You one of them coaches that like running a zone d to much.

kcmax 08-21-2000 08:25 PM

Probably! Strictly man-to-man this year though!

Duck Dog 08-21-2000 08:28 PM


Welcome to the Free World....

Time to talk some Chiefs.....

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