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AustinChief 08-23-2000 06:59 PM

OK I've been thinking about some cool stuff to add to the front page...once the BBS is completely done (hopefully within a week)

1)Adding a picture link section for Chiefs and BBS members photos

2)Adding a competition section - We would allow fans from the rival BBS that the Chiefs are playing that week to log in to a game section (trivia, shockwave football, etc..) and compete against us for bragging rights during the week leading up to the game. So each week it would be a different set of fans.

What do you guys think?

BTW These are just ideas right now and possibly a looong way from completion, but if everyone likes the idea and all goes well I could get a simple version up before the season starts.

Boise_Chief 08-23-2000 07:04 PM

Sounds pretty good. I think they would be good additions. Keep up the good work.

AustinChief 08-23-2000 07:06 PM

Sounds interesting. Just be judicious in adding new stuff, we don't want to add things that will degrade the effectiveness of this board.

Misplaced Chiefs Fan
Red and Gold on the Warpath
Nightwolf Graphics

Phobia 08-23-2000 07:07 PM

How about something like the Bills used to do: Radio stations in Buffalo used to broadcast Brian Cox's radio show when he was with the dolphins. I'd sure like to call in and talk to the rat!

DaKCMan AP 08-23-2000 07:11 PM

Some idea I have thought might be kind of nice.

1) A second BB, with a link from this one, for questions and suggestion section to the admins (since there are 2 now).

2) If we can't get a link from another web site to attract new members, then create a web site with articles and such by regulars from the BB. Possibly be able to create our own traffic. With the techies and the brains on this BB we could come up with some pretty good stuff.

Austin, keep up the good hard work, we appreciate it.

AustinChief 08-23-2000 07:14 PM

Don't worry I'll test everything before I add it. My first priority is to the board.

...but I thought it might be fun to add a little competition to go with all the smack!

Plus I could rig the scores..oops did I just type that?

AustinChief 08-23-2000 07:20 PM


I agree...I can add the second forum for admin stuff. (I'll add it tomorrow if I remember)

I can definetely add a section on the front with articles from some 'contributing' fans, but you're right we need a link.

I have contacted the Jackson County Examiner (starting small) and hope to work up to the Chiefs themselves. If you have any ideas on how to get a foot in the door with any of the 'major' sites for Chiefs football, just let me know.


AustinChief 08-23-2000 07:21 PM


I was thinking the same thing...there is a forum summary page of all BBS running on the server. It might be helpful to have a separate one for suggestions, tech support, etc.


I'm open to that? Is it doable? What do you think?


[i]baked...not fried</I>

AustinChief 08-23-2000 07:24 PM

Duh...of course while I'm typing, you answer all of my questions...


[i]baked...not fried</I>

AustinChief 08-23-2000 07:25 PM

Austin - I worked on a letter into the wee hours last night to send to the Chiefs. Unfortunately, there is no email addy on

So I will call them tomorrow and see what they think about offering a link or if they have any suggestions.

AustinChief 08-23-2000 07:27 PM

Morph, thanks for the email. I appreciate the chance and hope I can participate.

DaKCMan AP 08-23-2000 07:29 PM

Russ - You will be taking over the first place guys spot from last season if we don't hear anything.

<font size=-1>I for one hope you get in</font>

[This message has been edited by morphius (edited 08-23-2000).]

Phobia 08-23-2000 07:29 PM

I appreciate the fine job your doing, and by letting your fellow fans have some input & keeping in touch with us . YOU GUYS RULE!!

Looking forward to a great season!

Go donks.....and take the beefaloes with you!

DaKCMan AP 08-23-2000 09:50 PM

A Page with acronyms might also be a good idea, I have a list I could toss out.

Yosef_Malkovitch 08-23-2000 11:01 PM


The week before a game during the regular season, the opposing team's hometown newspaper used to post a link to the BB. We should probably arrange to have our's included somehow.... Somebody out here has some press credentials and can probably help us.... Has that guy from the Pittsburg TV station that provided the Training Camp updates come over yet?

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