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htismaqe 08-21-2000 08:41 PM

I'm all for getting more and more people to come to our BB. Obviously they are coming from the KC Star BB, but we could also get a lot more traffic from Search Engines. I consider myself a search engine otimization expert(just a little cocky hehe), so I could help get the site to the top 10 in search engines, just email the start page the way you want it to, and I'll work on optimizing it.


AustinChief 08-21-2000 08:42 PM

Kyle, pick this up and run with it. I smell a profit after a few months with potential advertising. And I am your man to handle sales.

Joe, You are too cool.

htismaqe 08-21-2000 08:44 PM

Joe, I'm not Joe, hehe, maybe I should take out the 58 to avoid confusion...

redshirt32 08-21-2000 08:46 PM

LMAO.....this will be cool to see!<BR>

AustinChief 08-21-2000 08:47 PM


Drop me a line at I may want to take you up on that idea also.

(Always open to ideas on improving web sites)

Misplaced Chiefs Fan
Red and Gold on the Warpath

htismaqe 08-21-2000 08:51 PM

LOL Misplaced, I'll see what I can do, you do have some meta tags, but I could help you optimize them for a couple kewords, are you listed in any search engines?

AustinChief 08-21-2000 08:51 PM

I'm going to be working *first* on fixing the bugs, then on making a decent cover page.

I'll let you know as soon as it is ready.


58Forever 08-21-2000 08:52 PM

I can tell you from experience....don't submit to the search engines UNTIL the site is TOTALLY complete. Some don't accept until it's not under construction. Be sure to submit to Yahoo, AltaVista, all the big ones and some of the spiders too like DMoz.

AustinChief 08-21-2000 08:54 PM

Arash - My apologies....

I think you have posted more here in one day than you did for a month on the other BB.

htismaqe 08-21-2000 08:58 PM

Yeah, but I always read everything, so I really like the BB and want to make it better, I just don't post much.

AustinChief 08-21-2000 08:58 PM


Listed in several of the smaller sites, and Alta Vista (but who isn't), but can't seem to break through yet to Northern Lights, Yahoo, Excite, Lycos or the other biggies.

I like web designing, but I'm certainly not afraid to look at new ideas and suggestions. Constructive criticism is always useful, obnoxious critiques are merely ignored.

Misplaced Chiefs Fan
Red and Gold on the Warpath

KCWolfman 08-21-2000 08:59 PM

Russ, We all know that you were just posting so much so you could be the first to reach "registeered" (misspelling intended) status!

BTW, I saw the comment about my "morose" attitude about our QB. Total ignorance tends to bring that to the surface in me.

"Those who would give up a little freedom for a little security deserve neither."

AustinChief 08-21-2000 09:00 PM

Kurt - WE can't always agree....

Actually, I was third or fourth. That punk Luz was first.

htismaqe 08-21-2000 09:01 PM

How many posts till regular?

Chiefnj 08-21-2000 09:02 PM

So, what's the over and under for how long it takes one of the jacka$$es to drop by and suck all the bandwidth with multiple BS posts?

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