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DeepSouth 04-01-2003 08:01 AM

Rookie of the Year possibilities
Every year the Royals get my hopes up and every year I'm totally pissed by about week three. But this year, I've got this feeling that some things are different. They brought up young players that have been developed through their own minor league system. The starting rotation is a great example. The average age is 24.4.

But the thing that stands out the most to me is that they have three players that very well could be Rookie of the Year.

Starting shortstop Angel Berroa. If he's as good as they say, he's a possibility.

Designated hitter Ken Harvey. This kid has done nothing but knock the he!! out of the ball where ever he's been. He was 2 for 4 yesterday.

Closer Mike MacDougal. How many saves would a rookie have to get to win Rookie of the Year. The big question here is, the team has to be leading when he comes into the game.

Throw in Tony Pena as Manager of the Year along with a chance at the pennant and I'd consider this a successful year.

Sure-Oz 04-01-2003 09:42 AM

There will be alot of learning for these guys, i'd rather see these guys develop and possibly pan out rather then spend millions on veteran losers...

ex:chuck knoblauch and Neifi Perez

I hope it's a fun year. It will probably be a long season but we should have some good moments.

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