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When did 401ks become the product of the 20 and 30 somethings? ****ing joke if thats what you think. Your parents will retire on the 401ks we have earned and for many of young folks they will inherit....or you hope you will.
Is this even a question? Older generations were relying on social security and often outrageously funded defined benefits plans as a safety net. Defined contribution is expected to double by the year 2015. Gen X and Y is trending toward a much more independent retirement savings style because they have to put more of their own money away because there is a fear that social security will disappear. Younger generations don't have the kind of wildly unsustainable pension safety net that previous generations had.

And what the **** is the younger generation going to inherit? Is this a joke? Retirement plans are bled dry. Boomers are working beyond retirement just to keep their retirement income flowing. There is NOTHING to pass off. If anything, boomers are creating greater debt through massive medicare and social security, not to mention taking jobs or available income away from younger generations who are starving for good work.

The decline in the country that we better get ahead of has occurred over the last 10 to 15 years. Dependence on government,
Dependence on government is new? Unions are a fraction of what they used to be power-wise and I already talked about the social security thing above.

dependence on parents forever, lack of motivation and willingness to work, no respect for the rewards gained from honest effort and labor.
Last time I checked, it was the previous generations that ushered in wildly expensive college tuition expenses that are very difficult for kids to afford. Leaders from previous generations created two massive recessions that have stymied kids from getting their career started. And the kids of today are poorly educated due to a broken education system created by adults. Qualified young adults, particularly in education and the public sector, are getting fired while many completely inept employees are keeping their jobs because of tenure and an insanely protective HR policy that makes it impossible to fire anyone. To pass the entire generation off as uninspired and unmotivated is a load of shit. Sure, I agree the kids of today tend to lack social maturity or common sense in the work force. How motivated would any generation be when the adults are completely destroying any chance for young kids to get started?

And again... the resistance from older leaders to adapt to the new world stymies motivation. The world is moving digital and American business has moved at a snails pace to adjust to it.

Ethics like we see from the crap we have in the white house, harry reid, and what does it matter Hillary? The ethics of the 20 and 30 somethings and those the young left worship is shameful.
And how old are these people? I idolize Michael Jordan. So does that make me a piece of shit just because he's a shady guy?
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