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Charles should've caught that one, even though it was high and behind him. That was just a freak turnover...sometimes the ball bounces your way, sometimes it doesn't. This time it didn't. Could've sworn the same exact thing happened last season w/ McCluster not catching the pass against TB.

Bowe's on the other hand, shouldn't have ever been thrown. If you don't take shots down field everyone is gonna play up in your face and that's what happened on that pick. Defender just stepped in front of it, he knew it was coming. So did I watching the TV.

This is going to be a similar year to 2010. Except the QB is marginally better and our defense is much better. Other than Houston, our next 4-5 games are very winnable games. If we beat Houston, we have a good chance of being undefeated heading into what may possibly be the biggest matchup in a long time at Arrowhead when (the better) Manning and the Broncos come into town. I will sure as shit be at that game.
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