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Originally Posted by Sannyasi View Post
The Vikings fans apparently think they would be 3-1 right now if Cassel had started the season. They're an excitable bunch.
They might very well be. Ponder is terrible. One less mistake by the QB in two of their losses and they win those games. Cassel had success in New England and he just might in Minn. Kind of odd how Big Ben looks like "Bad Cassel" at times. Come to think of it,the Steelers offense sure looks a lot like the Chiefs did when Haley & Co were around...

IMHO, Warner made Haley in Arizona the same way the Hoody made Pioli & Crennel in New England. Not saying Cassel didn't benefit in New England because of all the talent around him,because he clearly did. He has A.P. and some weapons in Minn plus decent coaches. He just mught be adequate there.
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