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Originally Posted by Mac-NinersChiefs View Post
After seeing it a short while ago on my first re-watch, I'd say no to a push off. We usually see more handfighting that doesn't get called. That one left arm extension from Cruz would have been called maybe 1 time out of 10. It just wasn't enough to throw a flag on, and I'd have been furious with the refs if that gets flagged on a KC corner.
Exactly this. It's the kind of "push off" that happens on virtually every long route. A CB with closing speed could have made up for it. Duanta has lost several steps and has no closing speed and just flat out got beat. He's nowhere near the player he was in Houston since his injury. He's not even the player he was in Atlanta last year. When a CB "loses it" it often happens quickly. He can't cover anyone with speed. He is a liability in any type of man coverage on the outside.
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