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Originally Posted by Dayze View Post
B - probably doing exactly what Reid wants. high percentage passes; limiting turnovers etc.

he won't cross this grade threshold for me personally, until he starts throwing it beyond 10 yards more than twice per game

He is much better than Cassell and I'm glad he is wearing a Chiefs uniform. BUT, BUT, BUT.
This offense has got to expand or we are going to start having problems against the better teams.

Yesterday on the first series we had 3rd and 4 or 5. Giants were in a 1 deep safety and Bowe was one on one. He gets a half a step on his guy and Smith has the entire field from the hash marks to the sidelines to throw over the top and outside. I don't even think he looked his way.

You have to take that shot almost every time.
1. You complete the pass
2. You get a interference call
3. Incomplete
4. Pick and it works like a punt
5. Pick and they get a good run back.
There really is only 1 out of 5 outcomes which really hurts you.

We had several opportunities when the Giants were in 1 deep safety and I don't think we every tried to take a shot. Maybe the WR did not win in those situation, but I was at Arrowhead and saw the one described.

The other thing which drives me crazy throwing the ball so much on 3rd and very short. Yesterday in the second series we had 3rd and inches (maybe 1/2 yard) and we spread out throw it. We made the 1st, but the point is we never send a message. We never lineup and say ok here we come and you can't do anything about it. Teams that throw the ball around the yard all the time become soft. Examples...Indy (with Payton), Steeler (right now), Reid's old Philly teams, Saints to name a few.
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