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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
We're not going to default. That's ridiculous.

People need to quit saying that. Obama would have to willfully default, and no president would ever do that. Default doesn't happen out of happenstance. The President would have to actually choose to default. The amount of interest payments is a small figure and is under zero threat of not being paid - unless Obama chooses to.

Now welfare, on the other hand... That's not the same as a default, but that's where the cuts will most likely come from. Unless Obama chooses to prioritize it over defense. That's his call.
You lack complete common sense. Democrats will not respond under any circumstance when the threat is give us what we want or we destroy the economy. They aren't going to back down on this stance. I will concede they will throw a dog a bone and give up insignificant concessions (example: getting rid of medical device tax, or creating income verification for ACA) because the House Republican party has painted themselves into a corner.

Now the republicans can't back don't because they will look weak. Anyone with half a brain knew how this would play out. Anyone with common sense could see this would just create gridlock. The democrats are not going to give in on principle to the major concessions the house gop are demanding. Now the obvious is happening, we are at the brink of default.

I find laughable that you believe that this is all just interest payments on our treasury bills. It shows you have no clue how far this goes.
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