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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
The interest debt is represented on the far left of the red bar. The Green bar represents revenues taken in each month. There is no worry about defaulting. It's just a scare tactic that the balanced media has perpetrated to present this debate in a very unbiased and balanced scare tactic way:
Wow your graph with no real news link, that looks like it was created by a republican government propaganda website is nice man. Here is a little something from the CBO, who I believe over any damn republican democrat political propaganda website. As it is independent.

"On September 25, 2013, the Treasury estimated that its ability to borrow under those extraordinary measures will be exhausted no later than October 17, leaving a cash balance of approximately $30 billion. CBO currently projects that the Treasury will exhaust all of the borrowing authority created by those measures, as well as its cash balance, between October 22 and the end of the month. (It is possible, however, that the date could fall outside of that range.) "

Cbo website. I can't post links or pictures.

So basically your full of shit. As these tax revenues to cover all our spending that your chart likes to show, is manufactured. Show me the link and back it up with a non conservative website please.
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