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Dude you have already proven to us that you don't have a clue what a DEFAULT means. No need to drive the point home.

Protip: The US has more than enough revenue to make all OBLIGATED PAYMENTS. A better analogy is that you have a monthly budget that spends $5000 on credit card interest/minimums, mortgage, car payment, cable, utilities, paintball and charity. But unfortunately you only make $4000 per month so some of that goes on your credit card. So you've hit your max on your credit card and now you can either not pay the interest there (A DEFAULT) or MAYBE you can not give to charity and skip the paintball.
noun: default; plural noun: defaults

failure to fulfill an obligation, esp. to repay a loan or appear in a court of law.
"it will have to restructure its debts to avoid default"
synonyms: nonpayment, failure to pay, bad debt...

Yeah bro, its all about the interest payment.

Protip: The deficit is created from Expenses - Revenue. The deficit was positive, meaning the US doesn't have "more than enough revenure to make all OBLIGATED PAYMENTS." Meaning they have to borrow, in other words raise the debt ceiling.

How brainwashed are you son?
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