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Originally Posted by AustinChief View Post
I'm going to have to guess that you are either functionally retarded (so sorry for you) or a child. I find it hard to believe that an even somewhat educated adult would be this ignorant.

You don't know what the term default means in this context and you obviously don't know what obligated payments are. These are terms with clear definitions that apply to the discussion. Educate yourself then come back.. or better yet don't come back but please please please educate yourself before you embarrass yourself any further.
Defaulting on a loan includes interest and principal. You are so much into your ideology and beliefs that your government party tells you that you can't even except simple facts. Mate this is a wake up call for you. Are you objective? If not then tell me and I'll stop debating with you knowing full well you are completely indoctrinated. If you want to put party before country, just let me know that you are unreasonable, and disbelieve all facts that are contrary to what you party made you swallow.
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