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Originally Posted by alnorth View Post
Regarding the OP, whatever marginal benefit there may be in forcing the Dems to "own it" (I do not think there was ever any chance at all that the Dems would have sheepishly proposed an individual mandate delay, but who knows), I think is far more than countered by the fact that the debt ceiling fight wiped out the Obamacare launch failure stories in the news cycle.

There will still be some chatter about that as they try to get things fixed, but the GOP could have made a lot of hay over the failed launch. There were quite a lot of stories around October 1st with Republicans basically going "Oh God, this stupid Cruz stunt ruined our ability to scream about the launch"
This whole idea that Obamacare has been pushed out of the news is silly. What do you think this fight is all about? It's context. The conservatives didn't set up this fight just because they felt like shutting the government down. They set it up to build a beacon for the disaster that is ahead of us.

Obamacare is imploding. This isn't a one or two news cycle thing. This thing is unworkable from a technology standpoint. I'm in the position to talk to a lot of IT leaders based on what I do for a living, and to the last man, they say it's a technological disaster with huge gaps where certain technologies to make it all work don't even EXIST. And that's just talking about making the thing talk to itself.

And that's without mentioning the security. The security part of this is literally on square one. Distributed computing of this nature is a brand new phenomenon for an enterprise venture of this magnitude. We're talking about a type of computing where security didn't matter before, and now they are trying to cram an entire industry into it overnight.

And we haven't even touched the economics yet where people are seeing their premiums double and triple. There isn't a person with a career job on this forum who isn't going to see at least $100 extra come out of their paycheck each pay period. How many here can afford losing $200 a month from their bottom line? And that's a conservative estimate. I've personally seen people who are having to pay doulbe what they were paying. A good friend of mine went from $600 a month to $1200 a month more because he's a self insured small business owner. So what did he do? He layed someone off - which sucks for him because he needed that person for his growth plans. Those are on hold now.

All this talk about what a mistake the conservatives are making... It's just talk. Nobody expected to win this thing here. This isn't about winning the short game. This is about setting up the playing field for 2014, and there are going to be plenty of people RUNNING on the fact that they took this stand here for the American people.
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