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Originally Posted by saphojunkie View Post
I tend to think that you need the starting five to take down a conference. We will see which Dwight they get.

I don't see how they're going to beat the Clippers.

1. Clippers.
2. Spurs
3. Thunder
4. Rockets
5. Wolves
6. Warriors
7. Pelicans
8. Grizzlies

That's how I see the west ranked right now. I could be totally wrong, but I've never liked Memphis and I just don't see how Dallas keeps up this year.

I know I have OKC high, but Durant is the second best player in the world right now, and I refuse to put him lower than third.
I hear you and agree to a point but Houston's 5 is nothing to balk at. They are L-O-A-D-E-D top to bottom. They'll beat the Clippers because they can play a variety of ways. They can play with BIGS and be VERY BIG or smalls and be VERY quick. They are very deep. The key was keeping Omar Asik when they signed Howard. They also kept Brooks, Beverly and Lin and can be lightening quick with Howard as the sole Big when they run smalls.

Regarding Howard - Olajuwon has been working with him and he "gets it" thus far. I'm betting Good Howard came to play in Houston. If so - they'll leap to the top of the West.
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