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What I find interesting is this CP fanbases obsession with being able to win a game in a shoot out. We have already had that team in 2003.

I don't care how we win as long as we win and not turning the ball over and playing great dominant defense will keep you in every game.

We have made plays offensively when needed in every game to this point. At some point it may cost us a game. But so will being in constant shoot outs.
Yeah, there's nothing between having a ~20th rated QB and a mediocre offense and having the best offense in the league with the worst defense in the league.

It's not about being another DV team or the 2000s Colts or 2013 Broncos... it's about not needing to rely on an entire side of the ball to play at an elite level every single week just to get past mediocre teams and being able to put up points when needed, because if you haven't noticed, it's an offensive league and some of the best defenses in the league have to still rely on the other side of the ball to put up points in big games and in the playoffs (whether that's this year, next year, whatever).

JFC, stop building strawmen. All of these points about never being happy about the offense might be more valid if it was above average.
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