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Originally Posted by SNR View Post
Bob Sutton's been great, guys. Don't get me wrong at all. I love him and hope he continues to be our defensive coordinator for years to come.

But confound it, I was pretty pissed at him in the Texans game. Letting Keenum off the hook like that in the 1st half. You play conservative against him? THAT'S your gameplan? You be cautious?

You weren't cautious against dangerous QBs like Michael Vick or Tony Romo. You sure as hell weren't cautious against Blaine Gabbert. Even Mr. "Longest run by a QB in NFL History" wasn't respected at all by your defense. You blitzed the **** out of those guys, and won.

For God's sake, if you play grabass with any of these Buffalo backups for even ONE series, Bob. ONE SERIES. I will drive to Kansas City and kick you square in the balls.

Attack, Bob. Kill them. Kill kill kill. The question shouldn't be which Buffalo QB you're going to face. It's going to be WHEN you'll face EACH Buffalo QB because the others get so shell-shocked.

Agreed. It seems like lately he's pulled back on the aggressiveness on the defense the last two games. He waited til the second half against the Teaxans and seem like he waited til the very end to put pressure on campbell.
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