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Couldn't agree more.

The fanboy contingent only amounts to a fraction of the people who ultimately see these films. People who've read every comic drive me nuts! It's an entirely different medium. There will ALWAYS be deviations from the source material. Most of the time they're so minute the vitriol that follows is laughable.

I wasn't a comicbook reader, but for the past five years I've been a die-hard of the Superhero genre. These films are made for the AVERAGE moviegoer who likely knows very little about the history of these characters.
That is true and it is not at the same time. The movies are made to encompass all, and yes fan boys need to get over some of it. But the movies and what the movies generate are all for the fanboys/comic lovers.

They are the ones that buy all the collectible toys, tshirts, posters, replicas that are sold with the movies. They generate the extra revenue, they are the ones that buy the dvd, uncut dvd or collectors edition.

Just like when you hear people that read books that are made into movies telling you how much better the book story was. It is the same with comic books. Those people do not get harped on as much. People just like harass comic fans.

My favorite thing is a dude I know that hates how all movies seem to be comic movies and he wants back to how it was. Forget the fact that Sin City is his favorite movie or he loves robocop and terminator.

Mind boggling.
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