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Originally Posted by Mr. Flopnuts View Post
Just so you and I are clear, I wouldn't have banned Blackbob, Hootie, or anyone else who didn't directly threaten a member of this site or participate in overt racism. Those are the only things I would personally ban someone for. Trolling, dumbassery, lying, or whatever happens on CP every single day. It's not banworthy in my eyes.

I've always liked you, otherwise I wouldn't bother explaining myself like this. Just so we're clear, had the other two not been banned then you wouldn't give a shit about Von Dumbass?
Pretty much. I don't understand the team's indecision when it cones to the little turd. We either ban for spam/trolling or we don't. The lrecedent was set that we do. I didn't mean any disrespect with my comments earlier.
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