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Originally Posted by COchief View Post
I would like to officially nominate this as the dumbest post in the history of CP.

Let's put your colossally retarded post to the test:

Please predict the outcome of KC at Denver and then two weeks later Denver at KC. Hmmm bet the difference is a shitload more than half a point you complete idiot. Historical DATA (that's real world numbers based on fact moron) puts the difference at an average of 2.5 but also varies from team to team somewhat.

My head is physically hurting from trying to come up with a solution to how an individual could possibly be so inept yet able to operate a computer.

He's the board's greatest idiot hands down. I already asked him to prove his point but it's so incredibly dumb he won't be able to.

The long-term studies all agree it's roughly 3 points, unevenly distributed across location. But we don't even need studies to prove it, because we have the actual results. 57.3% of Home Teams win NFL games and in no meaningful stretch of time has the number ever deviated all that much. It's real, it's significant, it's permanent. And 1/2 point doesn't even come close to explaining that large an advantage.
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