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But not the guys brought in to fix it. Red Hat/Oracle are on board.

The best web site reliability engineer that world has ever known is on the job. Credited with a lot of Googles tech success and he's filthy rich.

“Two of these key personnel are Michael Dickerson and Greg Gershman. Michael is a Site Reliability Engineer on leave from Google. He has expertise in diving into any layer of the tech stack, from the metal to the application code to the people that write it, in order to deliver some of the world's most reliable online services," Bataille wrote in a blog post.

“Michael is onsite working with QSSI, the general contractor, leveraging his experience stabilizing large, high throughput applications to improve's reliability and performance.”
Look...i am in the business and can tear apart packets and frames also. This is what I do. This shit is busch league.

They didn't load test their app
They didn't do any QA
They didn't do any UAT
AND THEY AREN'T Complying with NIST.

I realize this might not mean much to anyone here, but whoa...incompetent.

Honestly, I would have partnered up with Google to begin with
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