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Originally Posted by cosmo20002 View Post
I find it really interesting that all of the non-crazies on this board with reports of their 2014 insurance plans all report premiums that are lower, about the same, or perhaps a slight increase that is lower than the increases they are used to seeing.

The hard-core right-wingers all report a bazillion% increase and that someone came to their house to kick them in the balls on top of it.
Is it interesting because it doesn't fit YOUR narrative?? Or can you just not help trying to defend every single time someone criticizes the messiah? I would hope a couple people (especially with employer plans since that effect hasn't shown it's true impact yet) not seeing these drastic changes shouldn't be seen as a glaring success.

I've been reading the board for years, and most recently started lurking in DC despite all the warnings from the main board that it's a dumpster fire. I, for one, find it quite enjoyable to see all the bickering and differences of opinion. And I think just about everyone here understands politics better than the average, uneducated moron making up a good amount of our population. I made my first post roughly a week ago bc I just couldn't resist any longer and the ACA is something affecting me both personally and professionally. I also try to stay away from posting/engaging politics on facebook. Here in CP Land though, I figure I'm in the clear.

I'll admit that I probably lean more right than left, but I don't really associate myself with either party bc I think both options these days are way too extreme and neither are pragmatic when you look at how you should govern an entire nation.

Back to the original can't call out things that don't fit your argument and say it's only crazy right wing idiots getting screwed over. Because it's just not true. Look, there's no disputing the fact TONS of people are losing insurance they like. If someone would've made that argument a month ago on this board, you'd have jumped all over them and said there's no way this is going to happen and say the claim is crazy. Now that the shutdown is over and people are looking beyond the website "glitches" and starting to see the real damage of the lies this law was sold on, the real story is starting to be seen. And the cancellations are coming by the bunches. And not surprisingly, the Dems stance has shifted to "of course you're losing your crappy plan" but it wasn't really insurance anyway. That's what your sidekick iguana buddy keeps saying, with no proof or basis of his claim.

So....of course there are going to be stories of some people's insurance not changing drastically, like Rain Man's. And I should FREAKING HOPE SO!! Thank god not everybody is getting the shaft. Or at least not yet. But I have no idea how you can insinuate that it's only a bunch of crazy RWNJ's magically getting screwed when all the evidence points to the contrary. Unless you can also acknowledge your insane and obsessive need to defend opposition to your hero until you're blue in the face. You're essentially a mirror to those you criticize.
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