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Originally Posted by Chris616 View Post
I'm speaking generically and point to the idea that the age of organized Christianity was being phased out in respects to its being anything but a tool for the Agenda. After the 60's Christianity in the local church building was kinda spent . Since Church in that vein diminished the home became the sanctuary and coupling in order to build up the body of Jesus Christ took on a more veiled form of operating . So in effect you wont see kids and their kids .... from old Christian bloodlines in church like you will see them being more or less immersed within secular society. All fun and games set aside , the program the bible established is breeding program and when the Church was born that breeding program scattered those from the First Coveneant breeding program all over the world. I realize there are Christians that say Churchs that observe pagan holidays arent the real deal . Christian bloodlines are Christian bloodline irregardles . The introduction of new pseudo religions in the seventies was a challenge to the what was left of the old breeding programs of people going to church to hook up and marry . At this point in the game only a marriage between Christianity and the remnant of Judah mixed with Levi can restore things . We need another pentacost to take us into the millenium and a reformed communion service.

YHWH bless you RNR !
You should try breaking up your posts with some line breaks and smaller paragraphs. Now you are causing RNR to do the same thing. I hope you take the time to think about what you've done.

Originally Posted by RNR View Post
Post WW2 is certainly an interesting time in our history. It was not long after the war we engaged in the McCarthyism. Of course it was during this time the pledge of allegiance was revised to include one nation under God and in God we trust was put on to all currency (it appeared on some coins on and off going back to the 1800s) Anyway you make references to the church and Christianity. So I ask again which church and what teachings are you talking about? The church of Rome? The church of England? Which one of the numerous splinter churches formed from the protestant movement. There are over 33,000 versions of Christianity to date. Please identify which one has been watered down in the master plan. You have indicated through several posts that you hold the answers to these writings. So please share this knowledge. Please direct me to this true bloodline and correct church.
Oh and thanks again for the blessing. I see absolutely no value in them but it seems like a nice enough gesture~
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