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That's the old unit, and for some reason more expensive.

Here's the shiznit:

Like I said, the ATV2 is pretty aged and limited in hardware. But it is pretty nice for Airplay purposes. But the most recent iOS for ATV2 is what's called a tethered jailbreak. Meaning you need to hook it up to a computer and do a special tether boot in order to run XBMC. If you kill power to the unit, you'll have to do the tethered boot with your computer to get it working again. It's a PIA in most cases. And any ATV2 you find right now will likely have the newest OS on it. If it has an older OS, you can do an untethered jailbreak and use it as normal. But those are hard to find...

The Android boxes are the way to go now, IMO. You can simply download the Netflix Android app and run it directly from there. There's an XBMC netflix solution, but you'll have better performance running it natively through the Android OS.

Keep in mind that XBMC can access media from any protocol that is shared on the network. So you could simply setup an SMB, AFP, or NFS share from any/all computers, and add it as a source in XBMC and play media that way.

There's always a way...
I wonder if this would work on my older tv
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