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Originally Posted by NWTF View Post
I agree. OSU hasnt impressed.

As the season went on I assumed Alabama would finish undefeated, and thought Florida ST and OSU had a very good chance to do so too. I was hoping Florida St would stay ahead of OSU all the way to the end so we would'nt end up with another dud NCG. Sorry, but the Big 10 kind of sucks. Notre Dame is a Big 10 wannabe and plays a big 10 schedule minus their championship game. Everyone and their dog knew Alabama would wipe their a$$ with Notre Dame last year and they did.

Well now thanks to Auburn I think OSU will get in and promptly get pummeled by FL St. Id rather see the Auburn Mizzou winner go but I doubt it.

1. ND also plays Stanford and USC every year. That is more than any Big 10 team.

2. tOSU still needs to get past Michigan State who will be the toughest game they play all year. That is anything but a gimme win. They lose that and they probably play Alabama and get pounded in a BCS game.
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