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Lets say it is a traditional power steering set up (I agree, it most likely is), then it's not unreasonable to believe that there could have been a failure in a steering line. The pumps i deal with at work can put out as much as 2200PSI, which is certainly enough to turn a small leak into a complete bust if it's leaking from the fitting/hose end.

I'm not trying to argue with you, just stating that we don't know enough to dismiss what the report is saying.

I know my Trans Am is a pain in the ass to steer when i lose power steering, i could only imagine how difficult it would be to steer it around a corner at 120+ MPH.
It's easier to steer when the car is moving faster than at low speeds if you lose power steering (I had a POS trans am that had it's power steering go out and my caddy had some power steering issues for a while as well).
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