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Originally Posted by El Jefe View Post
They should, look at Auburn's schedule and results.

Washington State, Win, 31-24...pffffft, weak sauce.
Arkansas State, Win, 38-9...fine, but not impressed.
Mississippi State, Win, 24-20...shitty.
LSU, Loss, 35-21...A 2 SCORE LOSS TO A 3 LOSS TEAM! Argument over, but I'll keep going.
Ole Miss, Win, 30-22...not impressed.
Western Carolina, Win, 62-3...they did what they should here.
Texas A&M, Win, 45-41...squeeked it out against Johnny football. I can live with this one.
Florida Atlantic, Win, 45-10...meh.
Arkansas, Win, 35-17...winless in league (3-9 overall) Arkansas, meh. Not impressed at all.
Tennessee, Win, 55-23...Auburn "hangs on" to beat Tenn (who Oregon curbstomped).
Georgia, Win, 43-38...last second tipped hail mary to beat a decimated team. Miracle.
Alabama, Win, 34-28...Bama gift wrapped that game with 17 missed FGs. Miracle.
In spite of that their SOS is much better than Alabama's and it will get even better by playing Missouri.
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